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List of bibliographic references indexed by soap

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 92.
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Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000012 (2016) Jonathan Scourfield [Royaume-Uni] ; Gualtiero Colombo [Royaume-Uni] ; Rhiannon Evans [Royaume-Uni] ; Nina Jacob [Royaume-Uni] ; Meng Le Zhang [Royaume-Uni] ; Pete Burnap [Royaume-Uni] ; Adam Edwards [Royaume-Uni] ; William Housley [Royaume-Uni] ; Matthew Williams [Royaume-Uni]The Response in Twitter to an Assisted Suicide in a Television Soap Opera.
000749 (2012) Danielle Gourevitch[A Roman soap opera: Justus' wife and love sickness].
000762 (2012) Rachel Jones [États-Unis] ; Lorraine J. LacroixStreaming weekly soap opera video episodes to smartphones in a randomized controlled trial to reduce HIV risk in young urban African American/black women.
000876 (2012) How much sex is there in soap operas on British TV?
000B02 (2011) Christopher J. Lowe [États-Unis] ; Ariel M. PaniAnimal evolution: a soap opera of unremarkable worms.
000B96 (2011) Alison Abbott'Soap opera' sours cancer chief hunt
001159 (2009) David BlazeyRiverscross a soap opera
001351 (2008) Rachel JonesSoap Opera Video on Handheld Computers to Reduce Young Urban Women’s HIV Sex Risk
001370 (2008) Annette TuffsGerman soap opera has thinly veiled references to branded drugs, regulator says.
001588 (2007) Erin Andersen [États-Unis]Soap opera--myths versus facts regarding hand hygiene.
001785 (2006-01-23) John WheatleyA scene type categorization for soap opera
001820 (2006) Mohan J. Dutta-Bergman [États-Unis]A formative approach to strategic message targeting through soap operas: using selective processing theories.
001996 (2005) Rune Nielsen [Norvège] ; Anders Baerheim[Physicians in the TV soap--a study of ER].
001A02 (2005) Jessica EbertSoap opera reaps prize for its clean message.
001B00 (2005) Christine A. Kirkman [Royaume-Uni]From soap opera to science: Towards gaining access to the psychopaths who live amongst us
001C18 (2004) Annela M. Seddon [Royaume-Uni] ; Paul Curnow ; Paula J. BoothMembrane proteins, lipids and detergents: not just a soap opera.
001C91 (2004) May G. Kennedy ; Ann O'Leary ; Vicki Beck ; Katrina Pollard ; Penny SimpsonIncreases in Calls to the CDC National STD and AIDS Hotline Following AIDS‐Related Episodes in a Soap Opera
001E01 (2003) Vicci Owen-Smith ; Andy Howe ; Judith RichardsonTelevision soap opera and the NHS Cervical Screening Programme: follow-up data.
001E62 (2003) J. D. PrattenProfessional wrestling multimillion pound soap opera of sports entertainment
001F50 (2003) Marina M. Pool [Pays-Bas] ; Cees M. Koolstra [Pays-Bas] ; Tom H. A. Van Der Voort [Pays-Bas]Distraction effects of background soap operas on homework performance: An experimental study enriched with observational data
002002 (2002) Andy Howe [Royaume-Uni] ; Vicci Owen-Smith ; Judith RichardsonThe impact of a television soap opera on the NHS Cervical Screening Programme in the North West of England.

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