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List of bibliographic references indexed by Chanteur

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 19.
Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
001235 (2009) Shin-Ichi Sato [Italie] ; Nicola Prodi [Italie]On the Subjective Evaluation of the Perceived Balance Between a Singer and a Piano Inside Different Theatres
001848 (2006) Lars Graugaard [Danemark]Unifying Performer and Accompaniment
002130 (2002) Jonathan P. J. Stock [Royaume-Uni]Learning Huju in Shanghai, 1900-1950: Apprenticeship and the acquisition of expertise in a Chinese local opera tradition
002479 (2000) G. Iannace [Italie] ; C. Ianniello [Italie] ; L. Maffei [Italie] ; R. Romano [Italie]OBJECTIVE MEASUREMENT OF THE LISTENING CONDITION IN THE OLD ITALIAN OPERA HOUSE “TEATRO DI SAN CARLO”
002543 (2000) D. Noson [Japon, États-Unis] ; S. Sato [Japon] ; H. Sakai [Japon] ; Y. Ando [Japon]Singer responses to sound fields with a simulated reflection
002552 (2000) E. Teresi [Italie] ; G. De Poli [Italie] ; F. Ferrero [Italie]Mel cepstrum parameterization and classification of opera singer voices
002691 (1999) H. Frey ; L. FujieTraditional urban entertainment in Bavaria : The Volkssänger as exemplified by Bally Prell
002692 (1999) A. Reinders [États-Unis]The vocal demonstration of Manual Garcia Junior, in the academy of sciences, Paris, November 11, 1840
002695 (1999) A. G. D. Maran [Royaume-Uni] ; C. Watson [Royaume-Uni]The importance of fast glottic closure in the Wagnerian voice
002698 (1999) C. Pillot [France] ; S. Quattrocchi [France]Subjective and acoustical data about vocal effectiveness in occidental opera : Preliminary results
002867 (1998) J. H. Woodring [États-Unis] ; B. Bognar [États-Unis]Muscular hypertrophy of the left diaphragmatic crus : An unusual cause of a paraspinal "mass"
002A26 (1997) E. LeeAn introduction to the Gushi drummer of the Chuanju percussion ensemble
002B73 (1996) S. I. Chernobelsky [Russie]Determination of laryngeal muscle tension in professional singers
002D18 (1995) G. F Rm [Suède] ; A.-T. Karlberg ; C. LidenAre opera-house artistes afflicted with contact allergy to colophony and cosmetics ?
002E66 (1994) N. Scotto Di Carlo [France]Internal voice sensitivities in opera singers
003776 (1986) P. BurnsAcoustical analysis of the underlying voice differences between two groups of professional singers: opera and country and western
003850 (1985) P. J. Watson ; T. J. HixonRespiratory kinematics in classical (opera) singers
003884 (1984) Glenn D. Wilson [Royaume-Uni]The personality of opera singers
003A03 (1983) WEI NENG RUN ; YEN SIAO CHUNGRoentgenological measurement of physiological vocal cord length. An analysis of 59 opera singers

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