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List of bibliographic references indexed by 4390

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 10.
Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
002734 (1998-05) Nicholas Edwards ; David KahnWhy do traditional opera houses work so well for opera?
002735 (1998-05) Gerhard Muller ; Helmut A. MullerThe development of room acoustical demands on operas within the last 50 years
002736 (1998-05) Michael BarronSpatial impression as measured in concert and opera auditoria
002737 (1998-05) Juergen MeyerSound fields in orchestra pits
002738 (1998-05) Mark HoldenOrchestra pit acoustics: From Bayreuth to Broadway
002739 (1998-05) Carmine Ianniello ; Gino Iannace ; Luigi Maffei ; Rosario RomanoMeasurement of objective criteria for performers in the Teatro di San Carlo'' opera house
002740 (1998-05) Christopher N. BlairListening in the pit
002741 (1998-05) Anders Chr. Gade ; Bo MortensenCompromises in orchestra pit design: A ten-year trench war in The Royal Theatre, Copenhagen
002742 (1998-05) Christopher JaffeAlternate venues for opera performances. Wagner started it...should we retreat now?
002743 (1998-05) Michael VorlaenderA fast room acoustical simulation algorithm based on the free path distribution

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