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List of bibliographic references indexed by Mass Screening

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 5.
Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000522 (2013) Ray B. Jones [Royaume-Uni] ; Mar Soler-Lopez ; Daniel Zahra ; Judith Shankleman ; Esther Trenchard-MabereUsing online adverts to increase the uptake of cervical screening amongst "real Eastenders": an opportunistic controlled trial.
001A13 (2005) Fausto Salaffi [Italie] ; Ferdinando Silveri ; Andrea Stancati ; Walter GrassiDevelopment and validation of the osteoporosis prescreening risk assessment (OPERA) tool to facilitate identification of women likely to have low bone density.
001E01 (2003) Vicci Owen-Smith ; Andy Howe ; Judith RichardsonTelevision soap opera and the NHS Cervical Screening Programme: follow-up data.
002002 (2002) Andy Howe [Royaume-Uni] ; Vicci Owen-Smith ; Judith RichardsonThe impact of a television soap opera on the NHS Cervical Screening Programme in the North West of England.
002749 (1998) L D Moaven [États-Unis]Should we be screening blood donors for hepatitis G virus? The case for screening.

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