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List of bibliographic references indexed by Sound Spectrography

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 20.
Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000371 (2014) Li Dong [République populaire de Chine] ; Jiangping Kong ; Johan SundbergLong-term-average spectrum characteristics of Kunqu Opera singers' speaking, singing and stage speech.
000439 (2014) David M. Howard [Royaume-Uni] ; Jenevora Williams [Royaume-Uni] ; Christian T. Herbst [Autriche]"Ring" in the solo child singing voice.
000587 (2013) Johan Sundberg [Suède] ; Filipa M B. Lã ; Brian P. GillFormant tuning strategies in professional male opera singers.
000588 (2013) Li Dong [République populaire de Chine] ; Johan Sundberg ; Jiangping KongFormant and voice source properties in two male Kunqu Opera roles: a pilot study.
000774 (2012) U. Cesari [Italie] ; M. Iengo ; P. ApisaQualitative and quantitative measurement of the singing voice.
000831 (2012) Cheol-Ho Jeong [Danemark] ; Pierre Marie ; Jonas Brunskog ; Claus M Ller PetersenAudience noise in concert halls during musical performances.
000834 (2012) Pedro Amarante Andrade [Royaume-Uni]Analysis of male singers laryngeal vertical displacement during the first passaggio and its implications on the vocal folds vibratory pattern.
000A40 (2011) Matthias Echternach [Allemagne] ; Johan Sundberg ; Tobias Baumann ; Michael Markl ; Bernhard RichterVocal tract area functions and formant frequencies in opera tenors' modal and falsetto registers.
000A87 (2011) Małgorzata Pawlaczyk-Łuszczy Ska [Pologne] ; Adam Dudarewicz ; Małgorzata Zamojska ; Mariola Sliwinska-KowalskaEvaluation of sound exposure and risk of hearing impairment in orchestral musicians.
000D39 (2010) Anick Lamarche [Suède] ; Sten Ternström ; Peter PabonThe singer's voice range profile: female professional opera soloists.
000D51 (2010) Séverine Morange [France] ; Danièle Dubois ; Jean-Marc FontainePerception of recorded singing voice quality and expertise: cognitive linguistics and acoustic approaches.
001046 (2009) Johan Sundberg [Suède] ; Camilla RomedahlText intelligibility and the singer's formant--a relationship?
001362 (2008) Eva Björkner [Suède]Musical theater and opera singing--why so different? A study of subglottal pressure, voice source, and formant frequency characteristics.
001581 (2007) Semyon I. Chernobelsky [Russie]The treatment and results of voice therapy amongst professional classical singers with vocal fold nodules.
001582 (2007) Katherine L P. Reid [Australie] ; Pamela Davis ; Jennifer Oates ; Densil Cabrera ; Sten Ternström ; Michael Black ; Janice ChapmanThe acoustic characteristics of professional opera singers performing in chorus versus solo mode.
001C10 (2004) Patricia Howes [Australie] ; Jean Callaghan ; Pamela Davis ; Dianna Kenny ; William ThorpeThe relationship between measured vibrato characteristics and perception in Western operatic singing.
002389 (2000) A. Novák [République tchèque] ; J. VokrálThe speech intelligibility at the opera singing.
002C08 (1995) D. Doskov [Bulgarie] ; T. Ivanov ; B. BoyanovComparative analysis of singer's high formant in different type of singing voices.
002F11 (1993) H K Schutte [Pays-Bas] ; D G MillerBelting and pop, nonclassical approaches to the female middle voice: some preliminary considerations.
004A16 (????) Harm K. Schutte [Pays-Bas] ; Donald G. Miller ; Mark DuijnsteeResonance strategies revealed in recorded tenor high notes.

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