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List of bibliographic references indexed by Prevalence

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 16.
Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000139 (2015) Marco Di Monaco [Italie] ; Carlotta Castiglioni ; Elena De Toma ; Luisa Gardin ; Silvia Giordano ; Roberto Di Monaco ; Rosa TapperoPresarcopenia and sarcopenia in hip-fracture women: prevalence and association with ability to function in activities of daily living.
000142 (2015) Juha S. Perkiöm Ki [Finlande] ; Mikko Möttönen [Finlande] ; Jarmo Lumme [Finlande] ; Y Antero Kes Niemi [Finlande] ; Olavi Ukkola [Finlande] ; Heikki V. Huikuri [Finlande]Predictors of Development of Echocardiographic Left Ventricular Diastolic Dysfunction in the Subjects Aged 40 to 59 Years (from the Oulu Project Elucidating Risk of Atherosclerosis Study).
000349 (2014) F. Mancini [Italie] ; C. Comi [Italie] ; G D Oggioni [Italie] ; C. Pacchetti [Italie] ; D. Calandrella [Italie] ; M. Coletti Moja [Italie] ; G. Riboldazzi [Italie] ; S. Tunesi [Italie] ; M. Dal Fante [Italie] ; L. Manfredi [Italie] ; M. Lacerenza [Italie] ; R. Cantello [Italie] ; A. Antonini [Italie]Prevalence and features of peripheral neuropathy in Parkinson's disease patients under different therapeutic regimens.
000553 (2013) Micaela Brandolini ; Stefano Novati ; Annalisa De Silvestri ; Carmine Tinelli ; Savino Francesco Antonio Patruno ; Roberto Ranieri ; Elena Seminari [Italie]Prevalence and epidemiological correlates and treatment outcome of HCV infection in an Italian prison setting.
000A52 (2011) Martin Underwood [Royaume-Uni] ; Sandra Eldridge [Royaume-Uni] ; Sallie Lamb [Royaume-Uni] ; Rachel Potter [Royaume-Uni] ; Bartley Sheehan [Royaume-Uni] ; Anne-Marie Slowther [Royaume-Uni] ; Stephanie Taylor [Royaume-Uni] ; Margaret Thorogood [Royaume-Uni] ; Scott Weich [Royaume-Uni]The OPERA trial: protocol for a randomised trial of an exercise intervention for older people in residential and nursing accommodation
000A53 (2011) David R. Ellard [Royaume-Uni] ; Stephanie J C. Taylor ; Suzanne Parsons ; Margaret ThorogoodThe OPERA trial: a protocol for the process evaluation of a randomised trial of an exercise intervention for older people in residential and nursing accommodation.
001052 (2009) E. Aksoydan [Turquie] ; N. CamciPrevalence of orthorexia nervosa among Turkish performance artists.
001069 (2009) István Pregun [Hongrie] ; Tamás Bakucz ; János Banai ; Lászl Molnár ; Gábor Pavlik ; István Altorjay ; Péter Orosz ; Lászl Csernay ; Zsolt Tulassay ; Lászl HerszényiGastroesophageal reflux disease: work-related disease?
001590 (2007) Giovanni Cammarota [Italie] ; Giovanna Masala ; Rossella Cianci ; Domenico Palli ; Pasquale Capaccio ; Antonio Schindler ; Lucio Cuoco ; Jacopo Galli ; Enzo Ierardi ; Oreste Cannizzaro ; Michele Caselli ; Maria P. Dore ; Benedetta Bendinelli ; Giovanni GasbarriniReflux symptoms in professional opera choristers.
001D44 (2004) Moira Mccormack [Royaume-Uni] ; Janet Briggs ; Alan Hakim ; Rodney GrahameJoint laxity and the benign joint hypermobility syndrome in student and professional Ballet dancers
001F43 (2003) Seppo M. Pöykkö [Finlande] ; Eija Kellokoski [Finlande] ; Sohvi Hörkkö [Finlande] ; Heikki Kauma [Finlande] ; Y. Antero Kes Niemi [Finlande] ; Olavi Ukkola [Finlande]Low plasma ghrelin is associated with insulin resistance, hypertension, and the prevalence of type 2 diabetes
002652 (1999) Debra Jean Phyland [Australie] ; Jennifer Oates [Australie] ; Kenneth Mark Greenwood [Australie]Self-reported voice problems among three groups of professional singers
002700 (1999) M. Yoshida [Japon] ; E. A. Belt [Finlande] ; K. Kaarela [Finlande] ; M. J. Kauppi [Finlande] ; T. Shimamura [Japon]Prevalence of mutilans-like hand deformities in patients with seropositive rheumatoid arthritis : A prospective 20-year study
002761 (1998) G. F RmContact allergy to colophony. Clinical and experimental studies with emphasis on clinical relevance.
002D18 (1995) G. F Rm [Suède] ; A.-T. Karlberg ; C. LidenAre opera-house artistes afflicted with contact allergy to colophony and cosmetics ?
004A22 (????) L. Missault ; C. Krygier ; G. Lukito ; L. Mary-RabineOccurrence of peripheral arterial disease in a Belgian cohort of patients with cardiovascular history of atherothrombosis.

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