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List of bibliographic references indexed by Phonation

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 16.
Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000587 (2013) Johan Sundberg [Suède] ; Filipa M B. Lã ; Brian P. GillFormant tuning strategies in professional male opera singers.
000834 (2012) Pedro Amarante Andrade [Royaume-Uni]Analysis of male singers laryngeal vertical displacement during the first passaggio and its implications on the vocal folds vibratory pattern.
000A40 (2011) Matthias Echternach [Allemagne] ; Johan Sundberg ; Tobias Baumann ; Michael Markl ; Bernhard RichterVocal tract area functions and formant frequencies in opera tenors' modal and falsetto registers.
000A78 (2011) Densil Cabrera [Australie] ; Pamela J. Davis ; Anna ConnollyLong-term horizontal vocal directivity of opera singers: effects of singing projection and acoustic environment.
000A85 (2011) Matthew J. Schloneger [États-Unis]Graduate student voice use and vocal efficiency in an opera rehearsal week: a case study.
000D29 (2010) J P Epron [France] ; B. Coulombeau ; F. Fussi[Partiturogram: (new) tool in the evaluation of an opera roles].
000D48 (2010) Matthias Echternach [Allemagne] ; Johan Sundberg ; Michael Markl ; Bernhard RichterProfessional opera tenors' vocal tract configurations in registers.
001582 (2007) Katherine L P. Reid [Australie] ; Pamela Davis ; Jennifer Oates ; Densil Cabrera ; Sten Ternström ; Michael Black ; Janice ChapmanThe acoustic characteristics of professional opera singers performing in chorus versus solo mode.
001598 (2007) Stephen F. Austin [États-Unis]Jaw opening in novice and experienced classically trained singers.
001995 (2005) Mei Zhu [République populaire de Chine] ; Dao-Xing Zhang ; Yong-Xiang Liu ; Xiao-Ju Yang[Singing formant analysis of KunQu actors in their mutation and grown-up].
002695 (1999) A. G. D. Maran [Royaume-Uni] ; C. Watson [Royaume-Uni]The importance of fast glottic closure in the Wagnerian voice
002C08 (1995) D. Doskov [Bulgarie] ; T. Ivanov ; B. BoyanovComparative analysis of singer's high formant in different type of singing voices.
002E66 (1994) N. Scotto Di Carlo [France]Internal voice sensitivities in opera singers
003850 (1985) P. J. Watson ; T. J. HixonRespiratory kinematics in classical (opera) singers
004086 (1953) L. Matha De Parrel[Neuromotor and psychomotor circuits linked with phonation with application to the psychophysiology of expression in the art of the opera].
004A16 (????) Harm K. Schutte [Pays-Bas] ; Donald G. Miller ; Mark DuijnsteeResonance strategies revealed in recorded tenor high notes.

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