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List of bibliographic references indexed by Neurons (physiology)

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 12.
Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000232 (2015) A. Spanu [Italie] ; S. Lai [Italie] ; P. Cosseddu [Italie] ; M. Tedesco [Italie] ; S. Martinoia [Italie] ; A. Bonfiglio [Italie]An organic transistor-based system for reference-less electrophysiological monitoring of excitable cells.
000D35 (2010) M. Gandolfo [Italie] ; A. Maccione ; M. Tedesco ; S. Martinoia ; L. BerdondiniTracking burst patterns in hippocampal cultures with high-density CMOS-MEAs.
001348 (2008) Marco Storace [Italie] ; Daniele Linaro ; Enno De LangeThe Hindmarsh-Rose neuron model: bifurcation analysis and piecewise-linear approximations.
001364 (2008) Paolo Massobrio [Italie] ; Sergio MartinoiaModelling small-patterned neuronal networks coupled to microelectrode arrays.
001365 (2008) Giuseppe Massobrio [Italie] ; Paolo Massobrio ; Sergio MartinoiaModeling the neuron-carbon nanotube-ISFET junction to investigate the electrophysiological neuronal activity.
001607 (2007) Elisabetta Macis [Italie] ; Mariateresa Tedesco ; Paolo Massobrio ; Roberto Raiteri ; Sergio MartinoiaAn automated microdrop delivery system for neuronal network patterning on microelectrode arrays.
001609 (2007) Paolo Massobrio [Italie] ; Pieter Laurens Baljon ; Alessandro Maccione ; Michela Chiappalone ; Sergio MartinoiaActivity modulation elicited by electrical stimulation in networks of dissociated cortical neurons.
001809 (2006) Laura Cozzi [Italie] ; Paolo D'Angelo ; Vittorio SanguinetiEncoding of time-varying stimuli in populations of cultured neurons.
001811 (2006) Michela Chiappalone [Italie] ; Marco Bove ; Alessandro Vato ; Mariateresa Tedesco ; Sergio MartinoiaDissociated cortical networks show spontaneously correlated activity patterns during in vitro development.
001C22 (2004) Sergio Martinoia [Italie] ; Paolo MassobrioISFET-neuron junction: circuit models and extracellular signal simulations.
001C27 (2004) Sergio Martinoia [Italie] ; Paolo Massobrio ; Marco Bove ; Giuseppe MassobrioCultured neurons coupled to microelectrode arrays: circuit models, simulations and experimental data.
004A25 (????) Carmelina Ruggiero [Italie] ; Simona Benvenuti ; Silvana Borchi ; Mauro GiacominiMathematical model of retinal mosaic formation.

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