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List of bibliographic references indexed by Mass media

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 13.
Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000447 (2014) Yu-Wei Lin [Royaume-Uni] ; Alan E. Williams [Royaume-Uni]Projecting the voice: observations of audience behaviours in ICT-mediated contemporary opera
000896 (2012) Maryanne L. Fisher [États-Unis]Why Who Shot J. R. Matters: Dallas as the Pinnacle of Human Evolutionary Television
001226 (2009) Elizabeth Levy Paluck [États-Unis]What's in a Norm? Sources and Processes of Norm Change
001232 (2009) Elizabeth Levy Paluck [États-Unis]Reducing Intergroup Prejudice and Conflict Using the Media : A Field Experiment in Rwanda
001938 (2006) Maria Helena Favero [Brésil] ; Larissa Guimaraes Martins Abrao [Brésil]"Malhando o gênero" : O grupo focal e os atos da fala na interação de adolescentes com a telenovela
001F49 (2003) D. Shapiro [États-Unis] ; D. Meekers [États-Unis] ; B. Tambashe [États-Unis]Exposure to the 'SIDA dans la Cité' AIDS prevention television series in Côte d'Ivoire, sexual risk behaviour and condom use
002040 (2002) Carolyn BoiarskyThis Is Not Our Fathers' Generation: Web Pages, the Chicago Lyric Opera, and the Philadelphia Orchestra
002344 (2001) Irene Costera Meijer [Pays-Bas]The colour of soap opera: an analysis of professional speech on the representation of ethnicity
002691 (1999) H. Frey ; L. FujieTraditional urban entertainment in Bavaria : The Volkssänger as exemplified by Bally Prell
002A17 (1997) M. S. Larson [États-Unis]Sex roles and soap operas : What adolescents learn about single motherhood
003291 (1991) L. L. Pendleton ; C. Smith ; J. L. RobertsDrinking on television: a content analysis of recent alcohol portrayal
003527 (1989) D. T. Lowry ; D. E. TowlesSoap opera portrayals of sex, contraception, and sexually transmitted diseases
003680 (1987) Alan M. Rubin ; Elizabeth M. PerseAudience Activity and Soap Opera Involvement A Uses and Effects Investigation

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