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List of bibliographic references indexed by Interpersonal Relations

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 10.
Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000529 (2013) Moshe Bergstein [Israël]The wish for annihilation in 'love-death' as collapse of the need for recognition, in Wagner's Tristan und Isolde.
000574 (2013) Laramie D. Taylor [États-Unis]Male partner selectivity, romantic confidence, and media depictions of partner scarcity.
000592 (2013) M. Underwood [Royaume-Uni] ; S E Lamb ; S. Eldridge ; B. Sheehan ; A. Slowther ; A. Spencer ; M. Thorogood ; N. Atherton ; S A Bremner ; A. Devine ; K. Diaz-Ordaz ; D R Ellard ; R. Potter ; K. Spanjers ; S J C. TaylorExercise for depression in care home residents: a randomised controlled trial with cost-effectiveness analysis (OPERA).
000D61 (2010) Elizabeth Levy Paluck [États-Unis]Is it better not to talk? Group polarization, extended contact, and perspective taking in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.
001036 (2009) Elizabeth Levy Paluck [États-Unis]What's in a norm? Sources and processes of norm change.
001051 (2009) Elizabeth Levy Paluck [États-Unis]Reducing intergroup prejudice and conflict using the media: a field experiment in Rwanda.
001B00 (2005) Christine A. Kirkman [Royaume-Uni]From soap opera to science: Towards gaining access to the psychopaths who live amongst us
004A05 (????) J F Falk-Kessler ; K H FroschauerThe soap opera: a dynamic group approach for psychiatric patients.
004A21 (????) S. Mohammed [États-Unis]Personal communication networks and the effects of an entertainment-education radio soap opera in Tanzania.
004A34 (????) J. HsuFamily relations in classic Chinese opera.

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