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List of bibliographic references indexed by History, 20th Century

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 38.
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Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000127 (2015) Stanley Finger [États-Unis] ; Vittorio Alessandro Sironi [Italie] ; Michele Augusto Riva [Italie]Somnambulism in Verdi's Macbeth and Bellini's La Sonnambula: opera, sleepwalking, and medicine.
000153 (2015) Lorenzo Lorusso [Italie] ; Antonia Francesca Franchini [Italie] ; Alessandro Porro [Italie]Opera and neuroscience.
000183 (2015) Allaman Allamani [Italie] ; Silvia MattiacciImages by the vineyard: images of addiction and substance users in the media and other culture sites/sights.
000340 (2014) Andrew Scull [États-Unis]Some reflections on madness and culture in the post-war world.
000416 (2014) Epameinondas A. Koutsiaris ; Christos Alamanis ; Aristotle Eftychiadis ; Anastasios ZervasCastrati singers: surgery for religion and art.
000432 (2014) Katsuiku Hirokawa ; Tamas FulopAging is something like an opera which can be constructed by many players: an interview with Katsuiku Hirokawa.
000531 (2013) R. Marchese-Ragona [Italie] ; D. A. Restivo [Italie] ; I. Mylonakis [Italie] ; G. Ottaviano [Italie] ; A. Martini [Italie] ; R. T. Sataloff [États-Unis] ; A. Staffieri [Italie]The superior laryngeal nerve injury of a famous soprano, Amelita Galli-Curci
000586 (2013) Saxby A. Pridmore [Australie] ; Stephane Auchincloss [Australie] ; Nerissa L. Soh [Australie] ; Garry J. Walter [Australie]Four centuries of suicide in opera.
000748 (2012) M. Paul [Pays-Bas][Death of the conductor - cardiovascular deaths on orchestra podium and opera stage].
000A82 (2011) William A. HaseltineInterview: commercial translation of cell-based therapies and regenerative medicine: learning by experience. Interview by Emily Culme-Seymour.
000D30 (2010) Hartmut Buchholz [Allemagne]["I believe you have created a new type of biography ... ". K. R. Eissler's letters to Wolfgang Hildesheimer].
000D77 (2010) Brandy R. Matthews [États-Unis]Bravo! Neurology at the opera.
001040 (2009) John Studd [Royaume-Uni] ; Anneliese SchwenkhagenThe historical response to female sexuality.
001070 (2009) Robert A. Bloodgood [États-Unis]From central to rudimentary to primary: the history of an underappreciated organelle whose time has come. The primary cilium.
001610 (2007) John StuddA comparison of 19th century and current attitudes to female sexuality.
001727 (2007) Gunnar Grant [Suède]How the 1906 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was shared between Golgi and Cajal
001791 (2006) Christian Von Deuster[How did the castratos sing? Historical observations].
001803 (2006) Stefan N. WillichPhysicians in opera—reflection of medical history and public perception
001C03 (2004) Chrisitian Von Deuster[On the pathology of the human voice. Reflections on castrato singing from the point of view of the history of medicine].
001C05 (2004) Zoltán Janka [Hongrie][Artistic creativity and bipolar mood disorder].

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