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List of bibliographic references indexed by History, 18th Century

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 28.
[0-20] [0 - 20][0 - 28][20-27][20-40]
Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000129 (2015) Fabio Zampieri [Italie] ; Daniela Marrone ; Alberto ZanattaShould the annular tendon of the eye be named 'annulus of Zinn' or 'of Valsalva'?
000153 (2015) Lorenzo Lorusso [Italie] ; Antonia Francesca Franchini [Italie] ; Alessandro Porro [Italie]Opera and neuroscience.
000322 (2014) Anna Mcmichael [Australie] ; Anthony J. Mcmichael [Australie]Viennese vibrations: doctors, lungs and opera.
000355 (2014) Anna Göbel [Allemagne] ; Carl H. Göbel [Allemagne] ; Hartmut Göbel [Allemagne]Phenotype of migraine headache and migraine aura of Richard Wagner.
000416 (2014) Epameinondas A. Koutsiaris ; Christos Alamanis ; Aristotle Eftychiadis ; Anastasios ZervasCastrati singers: surgery for religion and art.
000586 (2013) Saxby A. Pridmore [Australie] ; Stephane Auchincloss [Australie] ; Nerissa L. Soh [Australie] ; Garry J. Walter [Australie]Four centuries of suicide in opera.
000A34 (2011) J P Epron [France][Sacrifice was an art: the voice of the castrato].
000D30 (2010) Hartmut Buchholz [Allemagne]["I believe you have created a new type of biography ... ". K. R. Eissler's letters to Wolfgang Hildesheimer].
000D77 (2010) Brandy R. Matthews [États-Unis]Bravo! Neurology at the opera.
001033 (2009) Manabu Sakuta [Japon][One hundred books which built up neurology (28)--Hermann Boerhaave "Opera Omnia Medica" (1735)].
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001803 (2006) Stefan N. WillichPhysicians in opera—reflection of medical history and public perception
001C03 (2004) Chrisitian Von Deuster[On the pathology of the human voice. Reflections on castrato singing from the point of view of the history of medicine].
001C05 (2004) Zoltán Janka [Hongrie][Artistic creativity and bipolar mood disorder].
001D93 (2003) Aimilios D. Mavroudis[The autograph letter of K. G. Kühn about the edition of the Medicorum Graecorum opera quae exstand series].
001F92 (2002) Eddie Persson [Suède][Real physicians in the opera. Magicians, alchemists, court physicians, researchers--and a modern physician].
002391 (2000) J S Jenkins [Royaume-Uni]The lost voice: a history of the castrato.
002664 (1999) Reginald Magee [Australie]DERIVING OPERA FROM OPERATION
002A49 (1996) R B MasonSeeing medicine through opera glasses.

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