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List of bibliographic references indexed by History, 16th Century

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 16.
Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000127 (2015) Stanley Finger [États-Unis] ; Vittorio Alessandro Sironi [Italie] ; Michele Augusto Riva [Italie]Somnambulism in Verdi's Macbeth and Bellini's La Sonnambula: opera, sleepwalking, and medicine.
001045 (2009) Ian F. McneelyThe Renaissance academies between science and the humanities.
001790 (2006) S. Sabbatani [Italie][Syphilis in sixteenth-century in Bologna. Health care and social assistance (Part one)].
001791 (2006) Christian Von Deuster[How did the castratos sing? Historical observations].
001997 (2005) Tadashi Sawai ; Tatsuo Sakai[Laurentius on anatomy].
001C03 (2004) Chrisitian Von Deuster[On the pathology of the human voice. Reflections on castrato singing from the point of view of the history of medicine].
001F92 (2002) Eddie Persson [Suède][Real physicians in the opera. Magicians, alchemists, court physicians, researchers--and a modern physician].
001F93 (2002) Miles Stedron[Opera as court celebration: between marriage and death].
002391 (2000) J S Jenkins [Royaume-Uni]The lost voice: a history of the castrato.
002588 (1999) G. Aliotta [Italie] ; G. De Angelis ; N G De Santo ; J. Sepe ; V. StingoThe history of science: defending epistemology with new technologies.
002664 (1999) Reginald Magee [Australie]DERIVING OPERA FROM OPERATION
003308 (1990) W. Straub [Allemagne]The ophthalmology of Fabricius Hildanus in the 17th century.
003C73 (1974) Meyer M. Melicow [États-Unis] ; Stanford Pulrang [États-Unis]Castrati choir and opera singers
004986 (????) F. Guerra[The cardiovascular ideas of Dr. Francisco Brave in the Opera Medicinalia, Mexico, 1570].
004989 (????) F. Chico Ponce De Leon ; M C Boll[Pierre Ochart, third printer in Mexico City and editor of the first medical book in America, Opera medicinalia, by Dr. Francisco Bravo, 1570].
004994 (????) Mirjana Petkovi ; Lazar Petkovi ; Dusanka Dobanovacki ; Milos Paji ; Aleksandra Mati[Historical review of congenital foot deformity treatment].

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