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List of bibliographic references indexed by Experimental study

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 78.
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Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000441 (2014) Fabienne Chetail [Belgique] ; Alain Content [Belgique]What Is the Difference Between OASIS and OPERA? Roughly Five Pixels: Orthographic Structure Biases the Perceived Length of Letter Strings
000443 (2014) Hanno Leibrock [Allemagne] ; Peter Rottlaender [Allemagne] ; Carsten Muehle [Allemagne] ; Fatma C. Ozturk [Turquie]Solenoid Development for an Emittance Transfer Experiment With a Design Environment System
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000C21 (2011) Felicia Rodica Baltes [Roumanie] ; Julia Avram [Roumanie] ; Mircea Miclea [Roumanie] ; Andrei C. Miu [Roumanie]Emotions induced by operatic music: Psychophysiological effects of music, plot, and acting: A scientist's tribute to Maria Callas
000F26 (2010) P. Agostinetti [Italie] ; V. Antoni [Italie] ; N. Pilan [Italie] ; G. Serianni [Italie]Compensation of Beamlet Deflection by Mechanical Offset of Grid Apertures in the SPIDER Ion Source
001226 (2009) Elizabeth Levy Paluck [États-Unis]What's in a Norm? Sources and Processes of Norm Change
001232 (2009) Elizabeth Levy Paluck [États-Unis]Reducing Intergroup Prejudice and Conflict Using the Media : A Field Experiment in Rwanda
001235 (2009) Shin-Ichi Sato [Italie] ; Nicola Prodi [Italie]On the Subjective Evaluation of the Perceived Balance Between a Singer and a Piano Inside Different Theatres
001239 (2009) Vassiliki T. Kontargyri [Grèce] ; Ioannis F. Gonos [Grèce] ; Ioannis A. Stathopulos [Grèce]Measurement and simulation of the electric field of high voltage suspension insulators
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001D84 (2003-04) John Bassett [Australie] ; Densil Cabrera [Australie]Measurement of the acoustic characteristics of the concert hall at the Sydney Opera House

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