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List of bibliographic references indexed by Equipment Design

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 14.
Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000413 (2014) Paolo Gastaldo [Italie] ; Luigi Pinna [Italie] ; Lucia Seminara [Italie] ; Maurizio Valle [Italie] ; Rodolfo Zunino [Italie]Computational intelligence techniques for tactile sensing systems.
000560 (2013) Marcello Dominici [Italie] ; Roberto Diletti ; Caterina Milici ; Carlo Bock ; Attilio Placanica ; Gianluigi D'Alessandro ; Alessio Arrivi ; Marco Italiani ; Eduardo Buono ; Enrico BoschettiOperator exposure to x-ray in left and right radial access during percutaneous coronary procedures: OPERA randomised study.
000609 (2013) Jun Yun Kim [Japon] ; Takuma Yasuda ; Yu Seok Yang ; Chihaya AdachiBifunctional star-burst amorphous molecular materials for OLEDs: achieving highly efficient solid-state luminescence and carrier transport induced by spontaneous molecular orientation.
000769 (2012) Angelo Basteris [Italie] ; Lino Bracco ; Vittorio SanguinetiRobot-assisted intermanual transfer of handwriting skills.
000792 (2012) D M Santos [Canada] ; J. St Aubin ; B G Fallone ; S. SteciwMagnetic shielding investigation for a 6 MV in-line linac within the parallel configuration of a linac-MR system.
000824 (2012) Uwe Bergmann [États-Unis] ; Phillip L. Manning ; Roy A. WogeliusChemical mapping of paleontological and archeological artifacts with synchrotron X-rays.
000B60 (2011) Takeshi Sakai ; Satoshi Ohsawa ; Noriyoshi Sakabe ; Takashi Sugimura ; Mitsuo IkedaResearch and development of an electron beam focusing system for a high‐brightness X‐ray generator
000D38 (2010) Marco Crocco [Italie] ; Andrea TruccoThe synthesis of robust broadband beamformers for equally-spaced linear arrays.
000D70 (2010) Ann Spriet [Belgique] ; Marc Moonen ; Jan WoutersEvaluation of feedback reduction techniques in hearing aids based on physical performance measures.
001075 (2009) Pietro Morasso [Italie] ; Maura Casadio ; Psiche Giannoni ; Lorenzo Masia ; Vittorio Sanguineti ; Valentina Squeri ; Elena VergaroDesirable features of a "humanoid" robot-therapist.
001339 (2008) S-P Gorza [Belgique] ; M. HaeltermanUltrafast transverse undulation of self-trapped laser beams.
001593 (2007) Daniele Stellardo [Italie] ; Federico Bizzarri ; Marco Storace ; Oscar De FeoOn the complexity of periodic and nonperiodic behaviors of a hysteresis-based electronic oscillator.
001A12 (2005) Maura Casadio [Italie] ; Pietro G. Morasso ; Vittorio SanguinetiDirect measurement of ankle stiffness during quiet standing: implications for control modelling and clinical application.
002E90 (1993) J. Sundberg [Suède] ; I. Titze ; R. SchererPhonatory control in male singing: a study of the effects of subglottal pressure, fundamental frequency, and mode of phonation on the voice source.

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