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List of bibliographic references indexed by China

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 33.
[0-20] [0 - 20][0 - 33][20-32][20-40]
Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000319 (2014) Yan-Ting Cheng ; Tian-Sheng Zhang ; Li-Qiang Meng ; Rui-Qi Shi ; Lai-Xi Ji[Academic origin of round magnetic needle and standardization operation].
000369 (2014) Li Dong [République populaire de Chine] ; Johan Sundberg [Suède] ; Jiangping Kong [République populaire de Chine]Loudness and pitch of Kunqu opera.
000841 (2012) Johan Sundberg [Suède] ; Lide Gu ; Qiang Huang ; Ping HuangAcoustical study of classical Peking Opera singing.
000F29 (2010) Takuya Shimizu [Japon]Attractive Features and Potential Value of the Chinese Traditional Theater School as a Tourist Spot: A Case Study of the Shaanxi Opera in Xi'an City
001155 (2009) Zhong Ian Liu [République populaire de Chine] ; Li Un Chen [République populaire de Chine]Singchia and Gunnaria, two new genera of Orchidaceae
001508 (2008) Judy H. Wang [États-Unis] ; WENCHI LIANG [États-Unis] ; Marc D. Schwartz [États-Unis] ; Marion M. Lee [États-Unis] ; Barbara Kreling [États-Unis] ; Jeanne S. Mandelblatt [États-Unis]Development and Evaluation of a Culturally Tailored Educational Video : Changing Breast Cancer-Related Behaviors in Chinese Women
001F29 (2003) Séverine BardonCharpente métallique pour une coupole géante
001F37 (2003) GUO WENJING [République populaire de Chine]Traditional music as material
001F51 (2003) Barbara Mittler [Allemagne]Cultural Revolution model works and the politics of modernization in China: An analysis of Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy
002109 (2002) Séverine BardonLe grand théâtre national de Chine sort de terre
002125 (2002) Colin Huehns [Royaume-Uni]Old and new paintings of Huqin in Imperial and New China
002130 (2002) Jonathan P. J. Stock [Royaume-Uni]Learning Huju in Shanghai, 1900-1950: Apprenticeship and the acquisition of expertise in a Chinese local opera tradition
002346 (2001) YAXIONG DUThe Yinyang theory's numbers and their influence on Chinese traditional music
002495 (2000) Tom SimmonsBoogie Opera: Eddie, Douzi, and Artistic Convention
002546 (2000) TSAO PENYEH [Hong Kong] ; XUE YIBING [Hong Kong]Research activities in China : Country report
002677 (1999) Yeux de Chine. Grand théâtre national, Pékin
002709 (1999) N. Guy [États-Unis]Governing the arts, governing the state : Peking opera and political authority in Taiwan
002A26 (1997) E. LeeAn introduction to the Gushi drummer of the Chuanju percussion ensemble
002A43 (1996) Z. Zhang[Preliminary exploration on knockout drops (Meng Han Agents)].
002B66 (1996) Y. WeijieNuoxi theatre in China
002B75 (1996) LAM CHING-WAHChinoiserie : Chinese influence on European stage in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries

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