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List of bibliographic references indexed by CERN

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 8.
Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000860 (2012) Daniele Fargion [Italie] ; Daniele D'Armiento [Italie]Inconsistency in super-luminal CERNOPERA neutrino speed with the observed SN1987A burst and neutrino mixing for any imaginary neutrino mass
000913 (2012) Measurement of the neutrino velocity with the ICARUS detector at the CNGS beam
000924 (2012) D. S. Gorbunov [Russie] ; E. Ya. Nugaev [Russie]Constraining neutrino superluminality from searches for sterile neutrino decays
000926 (2012) Daniele Fargion [Italie] ; Daniele D'Armiento [Italie] ; Paolo Desiati [États-Unis] ; Paolo Paggi [Italie]BEAMING NEUTRINOS AND ANTI-NEUTRINOS ACROSS THE EARTH TO DISENTANGLE NEUTRINO MIXING PARAMETERS
000928 (2012) C. Germana [Italie]Are OPERA neutrinos faster than light because of non-inertial reference frames?
000931 (2012) A search for the analogue to Cherenkov radiation by high energy neutrinos at superluminal speeds in ICARUS
000F16 (2010) N. Agafonova [Russie] ; A. Aleksandrov [Russie] ; O. Altinok [Turquie] ; M. Ambrosio [Italie] ; A. Anokhina [Russie] ; S. Aoki [Japon] ; A. Ariga [Suisse] ; T. Ariga [Suisse] ; D. Autiero [France] ; A. Badertscher [Suisse] ; A. Bagulya [Russie] ; A. Bendhabi [Tunisie] ; A. Bertolin [Italie] ; M. Besnier [France] ; D. Bick [Allemagne] ; V. Boyarkin [Russie] ; C. Bozza [Italie] ; T. Brugiere [France] ; R. Brugnera [Italie] ; F. Brunet [France] ; G. Brunetti [France, Italie] ; S. Buontempo [Italie] ; A. Cazes [France] ; L. Chaussard [France] ; M. Chernyavsky [Russie] ; V. Chiarella [Italie] ; N. Chon-Sen [France] ; A. Chukanov [Russie] ; R. Ciesielski [Italie] ; F. Dal Corso [Italie] ; N. D'Ambrosio [Italie] ; Y. Declais [France] ; P. Del Amo Sanchez [France] ; G. De Lellis [Italie] ; M. De Serio [Italie] ; F. Di Capua [Italie] ; A. Di Crescenzo [Italie] ; D. Di Ferdinando [Italie] ; N. Di Marco [Italie] ; A. Di Giovanni [Italie] ; S. Dmitrievsky [Russie] ; M. Dracos [France] ; D. Duchesneau [France] ; S. Dusini [Italie] ; T. Dzhatdoev [Russie] ; J. Ebert [Allemagne] ; O. Egorov [Russie] ; R. Enikeev [Russie] ; A. Ereditato [Suisse] ; L. S. Esposito [Suisse] ; J. Favier [France] ; T. Ferber [Allemagne] ; R. A. Fini [Italie]Observation of a first vτ candidate event in the OPERA experiment in the CNGS beam
000F18 (2010) Pierre Manil [France] ; Federico Regis [Suisse] ; James Rochford [Royaume-Uni] ; Paolo Fessia [Suisse] ; Simon Canfer [Royaume-Uni] ; Elwyn Baynham [Royaume-Uni] ; François Nunio [France] ; Gijs De Rijk [Suisse] ; Pierre Vedrine [France]Magnetic Design and Code Benchmarking of the SMC (Short Model Coil) Dipole Magnet

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