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List of bibliographic references indexed by Animals

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 58.
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Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000138 (2015) Becerra Natalia [Colombie] ; Andrade Henry ; L Pez Betty ; Restrepo Luz Marina ; Raiteri RobertoProbing poly(N-isopropylacrylamide-co-butylacrylate)/cell interactions by atomic force microscopy.
000188 (2015) Mehrnoosh Nikooei [Iran] ; Yaghoub Fathipour [Iran] ; Mokhtar Jalali Javaran [Iran] ; Mahmoud Soufbaf [Iran]How Different Genetically Manipulated Brassica Genotypes Affect Life Table Parameters of Plutella xylostella (Lepidoptera: Plutellidae).
000211 (2015) René Ferrera [France] ; Souhila Benhabbouche [France] ; Claire Crola Da Silva [France] ; Muhammad Rizwan Alam [France] ; Michel Ovize [France]Delayed low pressure at reperfusion: A new approach for cardioprotection.
000378 (2014) Lynda Bouarab [France] ; Behnoush Maherani [France] ; Azadeh Kheirolomoom [États-Unis] ; Mahmoud Hasan [France] ; Bahar Aliakbarian [Italie] ; Michel Linder [France] ; Elmira Arab-Tehrany [France]Influence of lecithin-lipid composition on physico-chemical properties of nanoliposomes loaded with a hydrophobic molecule.
000382 (2014) Boris Yakobson [Israël] ; Izedin Goga ; Conrad M. Freuling [Allemagne] ; Anthony R. Fooks [Royaume-Uni] ; Valdet Gjinovci ; Beqe Hulaj ; Daniel Horton [Royaume-Uni] ; Nicholas Johnson [Royaume-Uni] ; Jeton Muhaxhiri ; Ilir Recica ; Dan David [Israël] ; Richard O'Flaherty [Italie] ; Nick Taylor [Royaume-Uni] ; Tony Wilsmore [Royaume-Uni] ; Thomas Müller [Allemagne]Implementation and monitoring of oral rabies vaccination of foxes in Kosovo between 2010 and 2013--an international and intersectorial effort.
000386 (2014) James Lindsay ; Hamed Salooti ; Ion M Ndoiu ; Alex ZelikovskyILP-based maximum likelihood genome scaffolding.
000402 (2014) Yumi Kondo [Japon] ; Gen Kinoshita [Japon] ; Marlene Drag [États-Unis] ; Theodore S. Chester [États-Unis] ; Diane Larsen [États-Unis]Evaluation of the efficacy of afoxolaner against Haemaphysalis longicornis on dogs.
000409 (2014) Michael Bradshaw ; Diwei Ho ; Mark W. Fear ; Fabrizio Gelain ; Fiona M. Wood ; K Swaminathan IyerDesigner self-assembling hydrogel scaffolds can impact skin cell proliferation and migration.
000410 (2014) Alexandre Augusto Borghi [Brésil] ; Laura Oliveira-Nascimento [Brésil] ; Marco Antônio Stephano [Brésil] ; Paula Monteiro De Souza [Brésil] ; Attilio Converti [Italie] ; Mauri Sérgio Alves Palma [Brésil]Cytotoxicity of doxycycline effluent generated by the Fenton process.
000418 (2014) Aniruddh D. Patel [États-Unis]Can nonlinguistic musical training change the way the brain processes speech? The expanded OPERA hypothesis.
000432 (2014) Katsuiku Hirokawa ; Tamas FulopAging is something like an opera which can be constructed by many players: an interview with Katsuiku Hirokawa.
000433 (2014) Silvia Franchi [Italie] ; Mara Castelli [Italie] ; Giada Amodeo [Italie] ; Stefania Niada [Italie] ; Daniela Ferrari [Italie] ; Angelo Vescovi [Italie] ; Anna Teresa Brini [Italie] ; Alberto Emilio Panerai [Italie] ; Paola Sacerdote [Italie]Adult stem cell as new advanced therapy for experimental neuropathic pain treatment.
000589 (2013) Corey B. Wakefield [Australie] ; Paul D. Lewis ; Teresa B. Coutts ; David V. Fairclough ; Timothy J. LangloisFish assemblages associated with natural and anthropogenically-modified habitats in a marine embayment: comparison of baited videos and opera-house traps.
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000824 (2012) Uwe Bergmann [États-Unis] ; Phillip L. Manning ; Roy A. WogeliusChemical mapping of paleontological and archeological artifacts with synchrotron X-rays.
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000919 (2012) Sarah Karimi [Iran] ; Yaghoub Fathipour [Iran] ; Ali Asghar Talebi [Iran] ; Bahram Naseri [Iran]Evaluation of Canola Cultivars for Resistance to Helicoverpa armigera (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) Using Demographic Parameters

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