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List of bibliographic references indexed by Algorithms

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 20.
Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000367 (2014) C. Salvatore [Italie] ; A. Cerasa [Italie] ; I. Castiglioni [Italie] ; F. Gallivanone [Italie] ; A. Augimeri [Italie] ; M. Lopez [Italie] ; G. Arabia [Italie] ; M. Morelli [Italie] ; M C Gilardi [Italie] ; A. Quattrone [Italie]Machine learning on brain MRI data for differential diagnosis of Parkinson's disease and Progressive Supranuclear Palsy.
000383 (2014) Rosa Lavieri [Italie] ; Gilberto Filaci [Italie] ; Daniela Fenoglio [Italie] ; Mauro Giacomini [Italie]ImmunoDB: a web based tool to analyze preclinical data.
000386 (2014) James Lindsay ; Hamed Salooti ; Ion M Ndoiu ; Alex ZelikovskyILP-based maximum likelihood genome scaffolding.
000413 (2014) Paolo Gastaldo [Italie] ; Luigi Pinna [Italie] ; Lucia Seminara [Italie] ; Maurizio Valle [Italie] ; Rodolfo Zunino [Italie]Computational intelligence techniques for tactile sensing systems.
000762 (2012) Rachel Jones [États-Unis] ; Lorraine J. LacroixStreaming weekly soap opera video episodes to smartphones in a randomized controlled trial to reduce HIV risk in young urban African American/black women.
000771 (2012) Giuseppe Masetti [Italie] ; Brian CalderRemote identification of a shipwreck site from MBES backscatter.
000807 (2012) Antoine Leenhardt [France] ; Pascal Defaye ; Elisabeth Mouton ; Marc Delay ; Nicolas Delarche ; Jean-Marc Dupuis ; Olivier Bizeau ; Philippe Mabo ; Saida Cheggour ; Dominique BabutyFirst inappropriate implantable cardioverter defibrillator therapy is often due to inaccurate device programming: analysis of the French OPERA registry.
000816 (2012) Sandra Duffy [Australie] ; Vicky M. AveryDevelopment and optimization of a novel 384-well anti-malarial imaging assay validated for high-throughput screening.
000A74 (2011) Song Gao [Singapour] ; Wing-Kin Sung ; Niranjan NagarajanOpera: reconstructing optimal genomic scaffolds with high-throughput paired-end sequences.
000A97 (2011) Giorgio Gnecco [Italie] ; V Ra Kůrková ; Marcello SanguinetiCan dictionary-based computational models outperform the best linear ones?
000D70 (2010) Ann Spriet [Belgique] ; Marc Moonen ; Jan WoutersEvaluation of feedback reduction techniques in hearing aids based on physical performance measures.
001075 (2009) Pietro Morasso [Italie] ; Maura Casadio ; Psiche Giannoni ; Lorenzo Masia ; Vittorio Sanguineti ; Valentina Squeri ; Elena VergaroDesirable features of a "humanoid" robot-therapist.
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001379 (2008) G. Troglio [Italie] ; J A Benediktsson ; S B Serpico ; G. Moser ; R A Karlsson ; G H Halldorsson ; E. StefanssonAutomatic registration of retina images based on genetic techniques.
001382 (2008) Andrea Anzalone [Italie] ; Federico Bizzarri ; Mauro Parodi ; Marco StoraceA modular supervised algorithm for vessel segmentation in red-free retinal images.
001596 (2007) Elsa Moggia [Italie] ; Bruno BiancoMean activity coefficient of electrolyte solutions.
001806 (2006) Ralph J. Garippa [États-Unis] ; Ann F. Hoffman ; Gabriele Gradl ; Achim KirschHigh-throughput confocal microscopy for beta-arrestin-green fluorescent protein translocation G protein-coupled receptor assays using the Evotec Opera.
001E25 (2003) Roberto Sacile [Italie] ; Ernesto Montaldo ; Carmelina Ruggiero ; Herbert E. Nieburgs ; Guido NicolA decision support system to detect morphologic changes of chromatin arrangement in normal-appearing cells.
002599 (1999) M. Giugliano [Italie] ; M. Bove ; M. GrattarolaFast calculation of short-term depressing synaptic conductances.
004A33 (????) Rachel Jones [États-Unis]Handheld computers to run ACASI to assess HIV risk and deliver tailored soap opera video feedback: acceptability among young adult urban women.

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