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List of bibliographic references indexed by Age Factors

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 16.
Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000154 (2015) John L. HopperOdds per adjusted standard deviation: comparing strengths of associations for risk factors measured on different scales and across diseases and populations.
000369 (2014) Li Dong [République populaire de Chine] ; Johan Sundberg [Suède] ; Jiangping Kong [République populaire de Chine]Loudness and pitch of Kunqu opera.
000390 (2014) Juha Perkiöm Ki [Finlande] ; Olavi Ukkola ; Antti Kiviniemi ; Mikko Tulppo ; Antti Ylitalo ; Y Antero Kes Niemi ; Heikki HuikuriHeart rate variability findings as a predictor of atrial fibrillation in middle-aged population.
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004A46 (????) S I Chernobelsky [Russie]A study of menses-related changes to the larynx in singers with voice abuse.

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