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List of bibliographic references indexed by Adolescent

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 67.
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Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000235 (2015) Rony Alfandary [Israël]An Instance of Emotional Absence of a Father Traumatized by War-Clinical Material and Musical Illustration.
000324 (2014) Ailsa Lyons [Royaume-Uni] ; Ann Mcneill ; John BrittonTobacco imagery on prime time UK television.
000358 (2014) Giampiero Carosi [Italie] ; Raffaele Bruno ; Giuseppe Cariti ; Paola Nasta ; Roberto Gulminetti ; Massimo Galli ; Gioacchino Angarano ; Gabriella Verucchi ; Emanuele Pontali ; Amedeo Capetti ; Enzo Raise ; Veronica Ravasio ; Ivana Maida ; Claudio Iannacone ; Antonietta Caputo ; Massimo PuotiOPERA: use of pegylated interferon plus ribavirin for treating HCV-HIV coinfection in interferon-naive patients.
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000547 (2013) Alisa Pedrana [Australie] ; Margaret Hellard ; Judy Gold ; Nadine Ata ; Shanton Chang ; Steve Howard ; Jason Asselin ; Olivia Ilic ; Colin Batrouney ; Mark StooveQueer as F**k: reaching and engaging gay men in sexual health promotion through social networking sites.
000750 (2012) Gail D. Love [États-Unis] ; Sora Park TanjasiriUsing entertainment-education to promote cervical cancer screening in Thai women.
000762 (2012) Rachel Jones [États-Unis] ; Lorraine J. LacroixStreaming weekly soap opera video episodes to smartphones in a randomized controlled trial to reduce HIV risk in young urban African American/black women.
000786 (2012) R A Brown [Japon]Music preferences and personality among Japanese university students.
000846 (2012) Jean-Michel Vives [France]'Little Hans': from his phobic episode to becoming an opera director.
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000A49 (2011) Doeschka J. Anschutz [Pays-Bas] ; Donna Spruijt-Metz ; Tatjana Van Strien ; Rutger C M E. EngelsThe direct effect of thin ideal focused adult television on young girls' ideal body figure.
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000D34 (2010) Diane B. Mitschke [États-Unis] ; Karen Loebl ; Elitei Tatafu ; Doris Segal Matsunaga ; Kevin CasselUsing drama to prevent teen smoking: development, implementation, and evaluation of crossroads in Hawai'i.
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001036 (2009) Elizabeth Levy Paluck [États-Unis]What's in a norm? Sources and processes of norm change.
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001130 (2009) G. D. Love [États-Unis] ; Michele Mouttapa [États-Unis] ; S. P. Tanjasiri [États-Unis]Everybody's talking: using entertainmenteducation video to reduce barriers to discussion of cervical cancer screening among Thai women

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