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List of bibliographic references indexed by 1754-0194

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 24.
[0-20] [0 - 20][0 - 24][20-23][20-40]
Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000B69 (2011) Michael BurdenMusic: And So to the Movies
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001162 (2009) Mark DarlowRepertory Reforms at the Paris Opéra on the Eve of the Revolution
001180 (2009) Suzana Ograjenšek [Royaume-Uni]Handel's Operas 1726‐1741 – By Winton Dean
001183 (2009) Jed WentzGaps, Pauses and Expressive Arms: Reconstructing the Link between Stage Gesture and Musical Timing at the Académie royale de musique
001426 (2008) Marie Hockenhull Smith‘... You'll be made a slave in your turn; you'll be told also that it is right that you should be so, and we shall see what you think of this justice’: Libido, Retribution and Moderation in The Island of Slaves
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001456 (2008) Enrique Sacau [Royaume-Uni]Operatic Migrations: Transforming Works and Crossing Borders – Edited by Roberta Montemorra Marvin and Downing A
001460 (2008) Derek ConnonMusic in the Parisian Fair Theatres: Medium or Message?
001864 (2006) Reviews
001A24 (2005) Xavier Cervantes‘Letem Deck Their Verses with Farinelli's Name’: Farinelli as a Satirical Trope in English Poetry and Verse of the 1730s
001A32 (2005) Wendy HellerVarieties of Masculinity: Trajectories of the Castrato from the Seventeenth Century
001A75 (2005) Berta JoncusOne God, so many Farinellis: Mythologising the Star Castrato
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001B04 (2005) Thomas McgearyFarinelli's Progress to Albion: The Recruitment and Reception of Opera's ‘Blazing Star’
001B15 (2005) Judith Milhous ; Robert D. HumeConstruing and Misconstruing Farinelli in London
001B19 (2005) Nicholas ClaptonCarlo Broschi Farinelli: Aspects of his Technique and Performance
002052 (2002) Reviews
002653 (1999) Reviews
003247 (1991) Rosamond Mcguinness [Royaume-Uni]THE BRITISH APOLLO AS A SOURCE OF MUSICAL INFORMATION

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