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List of bibliographic references indexed by 1476-2870

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 702.
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Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000B20 (2011) Adrian Daub [États-Unis]The Power of the Verfluchte Lohe: (Post-)Wagnerian Redheads and the Coherence of the Gesamtkunstwerk in Das Rheingold, Fredigundis, and Irrelohe
000B25 (2011) Cover Page
000D89 (2010) Sheila Melvin ; Jindong CaiTurandot in China: Rejected, Reinterpreted, Reclaimed
000D92 (2010) Anna PapaetiThe Stuttgart Ring on DVD: A Review PortfolioStuttgart Opera's Der Ring Des Nibelungen on DVD
000D93 (2010) Andrew Moravcsik [États-Unis]The Stuttgart Ring on DVD: A Review PortfolioEveryday Totalitarianism: Reflections on the Stuttgart Ring
000D94 (2010) Weihong Bao [États-Unis]The Politics of Remediation: Mise-en-scne and the Subjunctive Body in Chinese Opera Film
000D95 (2010) Han ShangyiThe Design and Style of Opera Films
000D97 (2010) Anna Nisnevich [États-Unis]Temporary Floods, Eternal Returns: Opera, Technology, and History in Two Films of Alexander Sokurov
000D99 (2010) Michael Markham [États-Unis]Sarrasine's Failure, Campaspe's Lament: Solo Song and the Ends of Material Reproduction
000E02 (2010) Fu JinReflections on the Film Forever Enthralled (Mei Lanfang)
000E04 (2010) Ling Hon LamReading off the Screen: Toward Cinematic Il-literacy in Late 1950s Chinese Opera Film
000E05 (2010) Kristine Harris [États-Unis]Re-makes/Re-models: The Red Detachment of Women between Stage and Screen
000E07 (2010) Emanuele Senici [Royaume-Uni]Porn Style? Space and Time in Live Opera Videos
000E08 (2010) Judith T. ZeitlinOperatic Ghosts on Screen: The Case of A Test of Love (1958)
000E12 (2010) Jiang Qing [États-Unis]On the Revolution in Peking Opera (Tan Jingju geming)
000E13 (2010) Hui Shi [États-Unis]Notes about Directing Married to a Heavenly Immortal
000E14 (2010) Robert Bird [États-Unis]Modest Musorgsky: Boris Godunov
000E15 (2010) Xinyu Dong [États-Unis]Meeting of the Eyes: Invented Gesture, Cinematic Choreography, and Mei Lanfang's Kun Opera Film
000E18 (2010) Michael Talbot [Royaume-Uni]Martha Feldman: Opera and Sovereignty: Transforming Myths in Eighteenth-Century Italy
000E19 (2010) Berta Joncus [Royaume-Uni]Martha Feldman: Opera and Sovereignty: Transforming Myths in Eighteenth-Century Italy
000E23 (2010) Robert BryanLighting Boris Godunov with Andrei Tarkovsky

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