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List of bibliographic references indexed by 0262-5245

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 12.
Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000B59 (2011) Sanna PedersonRichard Wagner and His World – Edited by Thomas S. Grey
000B71 (2011) Roman IvanovitchMozart's Art of Retransition
000B72 (2011) Youyoung Kang [États-Unis]Monteverdi's Early Seventeenth‐Century‘Harmonic Progressions’
000B86 (2011) David ClarkeBetween Hermeneutics and Formalism: the Lento from Tippett's Concerto for Orchestra (Or: Music Analysis after Lawrence Kramer)
001697 (2007) Allen ForteAlban Berg’s Piano Sonata, Op. 1: a Landmark in Early Twentieth‐Century Music
001845 (2006) Matthew Baileyshea‘The Heaviest Weight’: Circularity and Repetition in a Song by Hugo Wolf
001856 (2006) Matthew Bribitzer TullThe End of Die Feen and Wagner's Beginnings: Multiple Approaches to an Early Example of Double‐Tonic Complex, Associative Theme and Wagnerian Form
001897 (2006) Ben EarleDallapiccola's Early Synthesis: No. 1, ‘Vespro, Tutto Riporti’, from Cinque Frammenti di Saffo
001A49 (2005) Heinrich Schenker ; William DrabkinThe Decline of the Art of Composition: A Technical‐Critical Study
001E66 (2003) Matthew HeadMusicology on Safari: Orientalism and the Spectre of Postcolonial Theory
002086 (2002) David Cooper [Royaume-Uni]Carl S.Leafstedt, Inside Bluebeard’s Castle: Music and Drama in Béla Bartók’s Opera
002494 (2000) Arnold Whittal [Royaume-Uni]Britten’s Lament: The World of Owen Wingate

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