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List of bibliographic references indexed by 0037-1998

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 16.
Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000882 (2012) Robert Ignatius LetellierA Romantic quest: Meyerbeer's adaptation of the Faust theme
000934 (2012) Robert Ignatius LetellierA Romantic quest: Meyerbeer's adaptation of the Faust theme
000B48 (2011) Raymond Monelle [Royaume-Uni]Strauss's Capriccio and the terror of time
000B65 (2011) Robert Ignatius LetellierOld and new covenants: Historical and theological contexts in Scribe's and Halévy's La Juive
001174 (2009) Music and other arts
001177 (2009) You-Zheng LiIngarden’s ‛strata-layers’ theory and the structural analysis of traditional Chinese Kunqu opera
001197 (2009) Martin LrvineA guide to the sources of medieval theories of interpretation, signs, and the arts of discourse: Aristotle to Ockham
001429 (2008) Dinda L. Gorlée [Pays-Bas]Wittgenstein as Mastersinger
001431 (2008) Panagiotis Pantidos [Grèce] ; Kostas Valakas [Grèce] ; Evangelos Vitoratos [Grèce] ; Konstantinos Ravanis [Grèce]Towards applied semiotics: An analysis of iconic gestural signs regarding physics teaching in the light of theatre semiotics
001435 (2008) Liu Shisheng [République populaire de Chine]The voice of ten years of history: A narrative-semiotic approach to the Eight Revolutionary Model Plays
001783 (2006-01-23) Rita HontiTone patches, mosaics, and motives in Béla Bartóks Duke Bluebeards Castles sixth door scene The Lake of Tears
001785 (2006-01-23) John WheatleyA scene type categorization for soap opera
001849 (2006) Bertha Spies [Afrique du Sud]The temporal musical sign: In search of extrinsic musical meaning
001D47 (2004) Nicole Scotto Di Carlo [France] ; Isabelle Guaïtella [France]Facial expressions of emotion in speech and singing
002357 (2001) John Wheatley [Royaume-Uni]A scene type categorization for soap opera
003C77 (1973) Nicole Scotto Di Carlo [France]Analyse sémiologique des gestes et mimiques des chanteurs d'opéra

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