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List of bibliographic references indexed by 0001-4966

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 70.
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Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000114 (2015) Xin XieThe impact of musical training and tone language experience on talker identification
000362 (2014) Christina D. Fuller ; John J. Galvin ; Rolien H. Free ; Deniz Ba KentMusician effect in cochlear implant simulated gender categorization
000804 (2012) Brian B. Monson ; Eric J. HunterHorizontal directivity of low- and high-frequency energy in speech and singing
000C11 (2011) Matthias Echternach [Allemagne] ; Johan Sundberg [Suède] ; Tobias Baumann [Allemagne] ; Michael Markl [Allemagne] ; Bernhard Richter [Allemagne]Vocal tract area functions and formant frequencies in opera tenors' modal and falsetto registers
000D42 (2010) Daniel L. Valente ; Jonas BraaschSubjective scaling of spatial room acoustic parameters influenced by visual environmental cues
000D47 (2010) Erik Bresch ; Shrikanth NarayananReal-time magnetic resonance imaging investigation of resonance tuning in soprano singing
001061 (2009) Ingo R. TitzeModeling source-filter interaction in belting and high-pitched operatic male singing
001361 (2008) Ingo R. TitzeNonlinear source–filter coupling in phonation: Theory1
001497 (2008) JIN YONG JEON [Corée du Sud] ; YONG HEE KIM [Corée du Sud] ; Densil Cabrera [Australie] ; John Bassett [Australie]The effect of visual and auditory cues on seat preference in an opera theater
001498 (2008) JONA KWAN RVU [Corée du Sud] ; JIN YONN JEON [Corée du Sud]Subjective and objective evaluations of a scattered sound field in a scale model opera house
001B52 (2005) Sten Ternström [Suède] ; Densil Cabrera [Australie] ; Pamela Davis [Australie]Self-to-other ratios measured in an opera chorus in performance
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001D74 (2003-10) Takayuki Watanabe [Japon] ; Hideo Miyazaki [Japon] ; Shinji Kishinaga [Japon] ; Fukushi Kawakami [Japon]Various applications of Active Field Control (AFC)
001D83 (2003-04) Ingo R. Titze Natl Ctr For Voice SpeechSimulation of singing qualities governed by lower vocal tract adjustments
001D84 (2003-04) John Bassett [Australie] ; Densil Cabrera [Australie]Measurement of the acoustic characteristics of the concert hall at the Sydney Opera House
001F79 (2002-11) Jack Evans [États-Unis] ; Chad Himmel [États-Unis] ; Sarah Knight [États-Unis]Virtual auditorium concepts for exhibition halls
001F80 (2002-11) J. Q. WangAcoustics of Chinese traditional theatres
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002170 (2001-11) Noriko Nishihara [Japon, États-Unis] ; Takayuki Hidaka [Japon] ; Leo L. Beranek [Japon]Mechanism of sound absorption by seated audience in halls
002174 (2001-07) Hiroyuki Sakai [Japon]Acoustic measurements and the individual subjective evaluation for sound fields
002176 (2001-05-04) Yoichi Ando [Japon]Theory of acoustic design of opera house and a design proposal

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