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List of bibliographic references indexed by S. Martinoia

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 8.
Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000232 (2015) A. Spanu [Italie] ; S. Lai [Italie] ; P. Cosseddu [Italie] ; M. Tedesco [Italie] ; S. Martinoia [Italie] ; A. Bonfiglio [Italie]An organic transistor-based system for reference-less electrophysiological monitoring of excitable cells.
000D35 (2010) M. Gandolfo [Italie] ; A. Maccione ; M. Tedesco ; S. Martinoia ; L. BerdondiniTracking burst patterns in hippocampal cultures with high-density CMOS-MEAs.
001605 (2007) A. Novellino [Italie] ; P. D'Angelo ; L. Cozzi ; M. Chiappalone ; V. Sanguineti ; S. MartinoiaConnecting neurons to a mobile robot: an in vitro bidirectional neural interface.
002801 (1998) M. Bove [Italie] ; S. Martinoia [Italie] ; G. Verreschi [Italie] ; M. Giugliano [Italie] ; M. Grattarola [Italie]Analysis of the signals generated by networks of neurons coupled to planar arrays of microtransducers in simulated experiments
002A90 (1996) M. Grattarola [Italie] ; M. Bove [Italie] ; G. Verreschi [Italie] ; S. Martinoia [Italie] ; M. Tedesco [Italie]The neuro-electronic interface: measurements and model predictions
002F02 (1993) M. Bove [Italie] ; M. Grattarola ; S. Martinoia ; M T Parodi ; M. TedescoImages of cultured neurons: Morphological and functional information.
002F06 (1993) S. Martinoia [Italie] ; M. Meloni ; M T Parodi ; M. Tedesco ; C. Ciccarelli ; M. GrattarolaEarly detection of cell metabolism with a silicon microsensor.
003192 (1991) M. Grattarola [Italie] ; S. Martinoia ; G. Carlini ; A. Cambiaso ; M. Tedesco ; M T Parodi ; G. FerriCell metabolism measurements in culture via microelectronic biosensors.

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