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List of bibliographic references indexed by Maura Casadio

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 8.
Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000161 (2015) Mario Saiano [Italie] ; Laura Pellegrino [Italie] ; Maura Casadio [Italie] ; Susanna Summa [Italie] ; Eleonora Garbarino [Italie] ; Valentina Rossi [Italie] ; Daniela Dall'Agata [Italie] ; Vittorio Sanguineti [Italie]Natural interfaces and virtual environments for the acquisition of street crossing and path following skills in adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders: a feasibility study.
000D81 (2010) Elena Vergaro [Italie] ; Valentina Squeri ; Giampaolo Brichetto ; Maura Casadio ; Pietro Morasso ; Claudio Solaro ; Vittorio SanguinetiAdaptive robot training for the treatment of incoordination in Multiple Sclerosis.
001062 (2009) Maura Casadio [Italie] ; Pietro Morasso ; Vittorio Sanguineti ; Psiche GiannoniMinimally assistive robot training for proprioception enhancement.
001075 (2009) Pietro Morasso [Italie] ; Maura Casadio ; Psiche Giannoni ; Lorenzo Masia ; Vittorio Sanguineti ; Valentina Squeri ; Elena VergaroDesirable features of a "humanoid" robot-therapist.
001377 (2008) Alessandra Bottaro [Italie] ; Youko Yasutake ; Taishin Nomura ; Maura Casadio ; Pietro MorassoBounded stability of the quiet standing posture: an intermittent control model.
001381 (2008) Maura Casadio [Italie] ; Vittorio Sanguineti ; Pietro Morasso ; Claudio SolaroAbnormal sensorimotor control, but intact force field adaptation, in multiple sclerosis subjects with no clinical disability.
001A12 (2005) Maura Casadio [Italie] ; Pietro G. Morasso ; Vittorio SanguinetiDirect measurement of ankle stiffness during quiet standing: implications for control modelling and clinical application.
001A17 (2005) Alessandra Bottaro [Italie] ; Maura Casadio ; Pietro G. Morasso ; Vittorio SanguinetiBody sway during quiet standing: is it the residual chattering of an intermittent stabilization process?

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