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List of bibliographic references indexed by Carmelina Ruggiero

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 10.
Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000223 (2015) Marco Paini [Italie] ; Bahar Aliakbarian [Italie] ; Alessandro A. Casazza [Italie] ; Patrizia Perego [Italie] ; Carmelina Ruggiero [Italie] ; Laura Pastorino [Italie]Chitosan/dextran multilayer microcapsules for polyphenol co-delivery.
000D62 (2010) Federico Caneva Soumetz [Italie] ; Jose F. Saenz ; Laura Pastorino ; Carmelina Ruggiero ; Daniele Nosi ; Roberto RaiteriInvestigation of integrin expression on the surface of osteoblast-like cells by atomic force microscopy.
001055 (2009) Laura Pastorino [Italie] ; Svetlana Erokhina ; Federico Caneva-Soumetz ; Carmelina RuggieroPaclitaxel-containing nano-engineered polymeric capsules towards cancer therapy.
001369 (2008) Federico Caneva Soumetz [Italie] ; Laura Pastorino ; Carmelina RuggieroHuman osteoblast-like cells response to nanofunctionalized surfaces for tissue engineering.
001E25 (2003) Roberto Sacile [Italie] ; Ernesto Montaldo ; Carmelina Ruggiero ; Herbert E. Nieburgs ; Guido NicolA decision support system to detect morphologic changes of chromatin arrangement in normal-appearing cells.
002001 (2002) Mauro Giacomini [Italie] ; Ilaria Peragallo ; Stefania Bertone ; Carmelina RuggieroThe impact of the introduction of Euro and other legislation changes on EU funded prototype for social and health care: the experience of EPIC in Savona.
002008 (2002) Mauro Giacomini [Italie] ; Laura Bruzzo ; Stefania Bertone ; Carmelina RuggieroKnowledge engineering for a database between botany and art.
002010 (2002) Roberto Sacile [Italie] ; Carmelina RuggieroHunting for "key residues" in the modeling of globular protein folding: an artificial neural network-based approach.
002016 (2002) Mauro Giacomini [Italie] ; Ilaria Peragallo ; Stefania Bertone ; Carmelina RuggieroBreath Multi Analysis: a database to collect data on gastric related non invasive analysis.
004A25 (????) Carmelina Ruggiero [Italie] ; Simona Benvenuti ; Silvana Borchi ; Mauro GiacominiMathematical model of retinal mosaic formation.

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