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List of bibliographic references indexed by Attilio Converti

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 22.
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Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000052 (2016) Milena Fernandes Da Silva [Italie] ; Alessandro Alberto Casazza [Italie] ; Pier Francesco Ferrari [Italie] ; Patrizia Perego [Italie] ; Raquel Pedrosa Bezerra [Brésil] ; Attilio Converti [Italie] ; Ana Lucia Figueiredo Porto [Brésil]A new bioenergetic and thermodynamic approach to batch photoautotrophic growth of Arthrospira (Spirulina) platensis in different photobioreactors and under different light conditions.
000137 (2015) Luciana Daniela Lario [Brésil] ; Luciana Chaud [Brésil] ; María Das Graças Almeida [Brésil] ; Attilio Converti [Italie] ; Lara Durães Sette [Brésil] ; Adalberto Pessoa [Brésil]Production, purification, and characterization of an extracellular acid protease from the marine Antarctic yeast Rhodotorula mucilaginosa L7.
000140 (2015) Marcos C. Knirsch [Brésil] ; Filippo Dell'Anno [Italie] ; Dennis Chicoma [Brésil] ; Marco Antonio Stephano [Brésil] ; Nádia A. Bou-Chacra [Brésil] ; Domenico Palombo [Italie] ; Attilio Converti [Italie] ; Bronislaw Polakiewicz [Brésil]Preparation and characterization of a microencapsulated polyethylene glycol cross-linked polyhemoglobin.
000178 (2015) Paula Monteiro Souza [Brésil] ; Bahar Aliakbarian [Italie] ; Edivaldo Ximenes Ferreira Filho [Brésil] ; Pérola Oliveira Magalhães [Brésil] ; Adalberto Pessoa Junior [Brésil] ; Attilio Converti [Italie] ; Patrizia Perego [Italie]Kinetic and thermodynamic studies of a novel acid protease from Aspergillus foetidus.
000222 (2015) Davide Frumento [Italie] ; Bahar Aliakbarian [Italie] ; Alessandro Alberto Casazza [Italie] ; Saleh Al Arni [Arabie saoudite] ; Milena Fernandes Da Silva [Brésil] ; Attilio Converti [Italie]Chlorella vulgaris as a Lipid Source: Cultivation on Air and Seawater-Simulating Medium in a Helicoidal Photobioreactor.
000231 (2015) Carolina A. Lima ; Júlia Furtado Campos ; José L Lima Filho ; Attilio Converti [Italie] ; Maria G Carneiro Da Cunha ; Ana L F. PortoAntimicrobial and radical scavenging properties of bovine collagen hydrolysates produced by Penicillium aurantiogriseum URM 4622 collagenase.
000410 (2014) Alexandre Augusto Borghi [Brésil] ; Laura Oliveira-Nascimento [Brésil] ; Marco Antônio Stephano [Brésil] ; Paula Monteiro De Souza [Brésil] ; Attilio Converti [Italie] ; Mauri Sérgio Alves Palma [Brésil]Cytotoxicity of doxycycline effluent generated by the Fenton process.
000563 (2013) Ana Moldes [Espagne] ; José Manuel Domínguez González [Espagne] ; Ligia Raquel Marona Rodrigues [Portugal] ; Attilio Converti [Italie]New trends in biotechnological processes to increase the environmental protection.
000A80 (2011) Emilio Palazzi [Italie] ; Francesco Molinari ; Bruno Fabiano ; Adalberto Pessoa ; Attilio ConvertiKinetic analysis of batch ethanol acetylation in isothermal non-stationary multiphase systems by lyophilized mycelium of Aspergillus oryzae.
000B83 (2011) Marcelo C. Matsudo [Brésil] ; Raquel P. Bezerra [Brésil, Italie] ; Attilio Converti [Italie] ; Sunao Sato [Brésil] ; João Carlos M. Carvalho [Brésil]CO2 from alcoholic fermentation for continuous cultivation of Arthrospira (Spirulina) platensis in tubular photobioreactor using urea as nitrogen source
001064 (2009) Beatriz Rivas [Italie] ; Paolo Torre ; José Manuel Domínguez ; Attilio ConvertiMaintenance and growth requirements in the metabolism of Debaryomyces hansenii performing xylose-to-xylitol bioconversion in corncob hemicellulose hydrolyzate.
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001E05 (2003) Attilio Converti [Italie] ; Saleh Arni ; Sunao Sato ; João Carlos Monteiro De Carvalho ; Eugênio AquaroneSimplified modeling of fed-batch alcoholic fermentation of sugarcane blackstrap molasses.
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001E67 (2003) Mario Zilli ; Attilio Converti ; Renzo Di FeliceMacrokinetic and quantitative microbial investigation on a bench‐scale biofilter treating styrene‐polluted gaseous streams
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002648 (1999) Attilio Converti [Italie] ; Mario Zilli [Italie] ; Saleh Arni [Italie] ; Renzo Di Felice [Italie] ; Marco Del Borghi [Italie]The effects of temperature and viscosity on glucose diffusivity through saccharomyces cerevisiae biofilms
002981 (1997) Attilio Converti [Italie] ; Fabio Drago [Italie] ; Giovanni Ghiazza [Italie] ; Marco Del Borghi [Italie] ; Amedeo Macchiavello [Italie]Co‐digestion of Municipal Sewage Sludges and Pre‐hydrolysed Woody Agricultural Wastes
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004A19 (????) Erika Y. Ortiz Montoya [Italie] ; Alessandro A. Casazza ; Bahar Aliakbarian ; Patrizia Perego ; Attilio Converti ; João C Monteiro De CarvalhoProduction of Chlorella vulgaris as a source of essential fatty acids in a tubular photobioreactor continuously fed with air enriched with CO2 at different concentrations.

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