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List of bibliographic references indexed by A. Converti

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 21.
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Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000D57 (2010) A. Converti [Italie] ; B. Aliakbarian ; J M Domínguez ; G. Bustos Vázquez ; P. PeregoMicrobial production of biovanillin.
001078 (2009) A. Converti [Italie] ; R P S. Oliveira ; B R Torres ; A. Lodi ; M. ZilliBiogas production and valorization by means of a two-step biological process.
001376 (2008) C. Solisio [Italie] ; A. Lodi ; D. Soletto ; A. ConvertiCadmium biosorption on Spirulina platensis biomass.
001816 (2006) C. Solisio [Italie] ; A. Lodi ; P. Torre ; A. Converti ; M. Del BorghiCopper removal by dry and re-hydrated biomass of Spirulina platensis.
001819 (2006) A. Converti [Italie] ; S. Scapazzoni ; A. Lodi ; J C M. CarvalhoAmmonium and urea removal by Spirulina platensis.
001A00 (2005) A. Converti [Italie] ; R. Gandolfi ; M. Zilli ; F. Molinari ; L. Binaghi ; P. Perego ; M. Del BorghiSynthesis of ethyl phenylacetate by lyophilized mycelium of Aspergillus oryzae.
001E08 (2003) A. Lodi [Italie] ; L. Binaghi ; C. Solisio ; A. Converti ; M. Del BorghiNitrate and phosphate removal by Spirulina platensis.
001E18 (2003) P. Perego [Italie] ; A. Converti ; M. Del BorghiEffects of temperature, inoculum size and starch hydrolyzate concentration on butanediol production by Bacillus licheniformis.
001F97 (2002) A. Converti [Italie] ; P. PeregoUse of carbon and energy balances in the study of the anaerobic metabolism of Enterobacter aerogenes at variable starting glucose concentrations.
002218 (2001) A. Converti [Italie] ; J M DomínguezInfluence of temperature and pH on xylitol production from xylose by Debaryomyces hansenii.
002224 (2001) E. Palazzi [Italie] ; A. ConvertiEvaluation of diffusional resistances in the process of glucose isomerization to fructose by immobilized glucose isomerase.
002225 (2001) A. Converti [Italie] ; P. Perego ; J M. Domínguez ; S S. SilvaEffect of temperature on the microaerophilic metabolism of Pachysolen tannophilus.
002597 (1999) E. Palazzi [Italie] ; A. ConvertiGeneralized linearization of kinetics of glucose isomerization to fructose by immobilized glucose isomerase.
002B01 (1996) M. Zilli [Italie] ; B. Fabiano [Italie] ; A. Ferraiolo [Italie] ; A. Converti [Italie]Macro‐kinetic investigation on phenol uptake from air by biofiltration: Influence of superficial gas flow rate and inlet pollutant concentration
002B09 (1996) A. Converti [Italie] ; C. Bargagliotti [Italie] ; C. Cavanna [Italie] ; C. Nicolella [Italie] ; M. Del Borghi [Italie]Evaluation of kinetic parameters and thermodynamic quantities of starch hydrolysate alcohol fermentation by Saccharomyces cerevisiae
002F60 (1993) M. Zilli [Italie] ; A. Converti [Italie] ; A. Lodi [Italie] ; M. Del Borghi [Italie] ; G. Ferraiolo [Italie]Phenol removal from waste gases with a biological filter by Pseudomonas putida
003124 (1992) A. Converti [Italie] ; G. Fiorito [Italie] ; M. Zilli [Italie] ; A. Lodi [Italie] ; M. Del Borghi [Italie] ; G. Ferraiolo [Italie]Magnesium uptake by Sphaerotilus natans
003255 (1991) A. Converti [Italie] ; P. Perego [Italie] ; A. Lodi [Italie] ; G. Fiorito [Italie] ; M. Del Borghi [Italie] ; G. Ferraiolo [Italie]In-situ ethanol recovery and substrate recycling during continuous alcohol fermentation
003709 (1986) A. Converti [Italie] ; P. Perego ; M D Borghi ; F. Parisi ; G. FerraioloKinetic considerations about the study of alcoholic fermentations of starch hydrolysate.
003789 (1985) A. Converti ; P. Perego ; A. Lodi ; F. Parisi ; M. Del BorghiA kinetic study of Saccharomyces strains: Performance at high sugar concentrations.
003842 (1985) M. Del Borghi [Italie] ; A. Converti [Italie] ; F. Parisi [Italie] ; G. Ferraiolo [Italie]Continuous alcohol fermentation in an immobilized cell rotating disk reactor

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