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List of bibliographic references indexed by Turin

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 8.
Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000022 (2016) Marco Di Monaco [Italie] ; Carlotta Castiglioni [Italie] ; Roberto Di Monaco [Italie] ; Rosa Tappero [Italie]Prevalence and burden of vertebral fractures in older men and women with hip fracture: A cross-sectional study.
000104 (2015) Marco Di Monaco [Italie] ; Carlotta CastiglioniWeakness and Low Lean Mass in Women With Hip Fracture: Prevalence According to the FNIH Criteria and Association With the Short-Term Functional Recovery.
000110 (2015) M. Di Monaco [Italie] ; C. Castiglioni ; R. Di Monaco ; R. TapperoTime trend 2000-2013 of vitamin D status in older people who sustain hip fractures: steps forward or steps back? A retrospective study of 1599 inpatients.
000349 (2014) F. Mancini [Italie] ; C. Comi [Italie] ; G D Oggioni [Italie] ; C. Pacchetti [Italie] ; D. Calandrella [Italie] ; M. Coletti Moja [Italie] ; G. Riboldazzi [Italie] ; S. Tunesi [Italie] ; M. Dal Fante [Italie] ; L. Manfredi [Italie] ; M. Lacerenza [Italie] ; R. Cantello [Italie] ; A. Antonini [Italie]Prevalence and features of peripheral neuropathy in Parkinson's disease patients under different therapeutic regimens.
001240 (2009) Gianfranco Genta [Italie] ; Maria Giovannini [Italie] ; Arianna Astolfi [Italie] ; Giulio Barbato [Italie]Investigation of Subjective Acoustical Attributes by Performers Through Ranking Data Analyses
002384 (2000) F. Zappia [Italie] ; R. Campani[The larynx: an anatomical and functional echographic study].
002866 (1998) A. Carena [États-Unis] ; M. D. Vaughn [Italie, États-Unis] ; R. Gaudino [Italie] ; M. Shell [États-Unis] ; D. J. Blumenthal [États-Unis]OPERA: An optical packet experimental routing architecture with label swapping capability : Photonic packet switching technologies, techniques, and systems
003B14 (1979) Guido Fubixi [Italie]Luigi Bianchi E La Sua Opera Scientifica

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