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List of bibliographic references indexed by New Jersey

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 22.
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Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
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000762 (2012) Rachel Jones [États-Unis] ; Lorraine J. LacroixStreaming weekly soap opera video episodes to smartphones in a randomized controlled trial to reduce HIV risk in young urban African American/black women.
000B37 (2011) Masha Mimran [États-Unis]Through the Looking‐Glass: Joyce’s ‘Circe’, Flaubert’s Madame Bovary and the Poetics of Vision
000C17 (2011) Steven S. Gubser [États-Unis]Superluminal neutrinos and extra dimensions: Constraints from the null energy condition
000C18 (2011) Michael Manns [Allemagne] ; Henk Reesink [Pays-Bas] ; Thomas Berg [Allemagne] ; Geoffrey Dusheiko [Royaume-Uni] ; Robert Flisiak [Pologne] ; Patrick Marcellin [France] ; Christophe Moreno [Belgique] ; Oliver Lenz [Belgique] ; Paul Meyvisch [Belgique] ; Monika Peeters [Belgique] ; Vanitha Sekar [États-Unis] ; Kenneth Simmen [Irlande (pays)] ; Rene Verloes [Belgique]Rapid viral response of once-daily TMC435 plus pegylated interferon/ribavirin in hepatitis C genotype-1 patients: a randomized trial
000C19 (2011) P. H. Titus [États-Unis] ; S. Avasaralla [États-Unis] ; A. Brooks [États-Unis] ; R. Hatcher [États-Unis]NSTX disruption simulations of detailed divertor and passive plate models by vector potential transfer from OPERA global analysis results
000D61 (2010) Elizabeth Levy Paluck [États-Unis]Is it better not to talk? Group polarization, extended contact, and perspective taking in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.
001050 (2009) Mary Mandels [États-Unis] ; Douglas E. Eveleigh [États-Unis]Reflections on the United States Military 1941-1987
001098 (2009) Nicholas Lockey [États-Unis]Tonal Space in the Music of Antonio Vivaldi. By Bella Brover-Lubovsky.
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001806 (2006) Ralph J. Garippa [États-Unis] ; Ann F. Hoffman ; Gabriele Gradl ; Achim KirschHigh-throughput confocal microscopy for beta-arrestin-green fluorescent protein translocation G protein-coupled receptor assays using the Evotec Opera.
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