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List of bibliographic references indexed by Royaume-Uni

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 268.
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Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000012 (2016) Jonathan Scourfield [Royaume-Uni] ; Gualtiero Colombo [Royaume-Uni] ; Rhiannon Evans [Royaume-Uni] ; Nina Jacob [Royaume-Uni] ; Meng Le Zhang [Royaume-Uni] ; Pete Burnap [Royaume-Uni] ; Adam Edwards [Royaume-Uni] ; William Housley [Royaume-Uni] ; Matthew Williams [Royaume-Uni]The Response in Twitter to an Assisted Suicide in a Television Soap Opera.
000019 (2016) Michael Trimble [Royaume-Uni] ; Dale C. Hesdorffer [États-Unis]Representations of epilepsy on the stage: From the Greeks to the 20th century.
000028 (2016) Michael A. Paltsev [Russie] ; Victoria O. Polyakova [Russie] ; Igor M. Kvetnoy [Russie] ; George Anderson [Royaume-Uni] ; Tatiana V. Kvetnaia [Russie] ; Natalia S. Linkova [Russie] ; Ekaterina M. Paltseva [Russie] ; Rosa Rubino [Italie] ; Salvatore De Cosmo [Italie] ; Angelo De Cata [Italie] ; Gianluigi Mazzoccoli [Italie]Morphofunctional and signaling molecules overlap of the pineal gland and thymus: role and significance in aging.
000032 (2016) Elvira Brattico [Danemark, Finlande] ; Brigitte Bogert [Finlande] ; Vinoo Alluri [Finlande, Suisse] ; Mari Tervaniemi [Finlande] ; Tuomas Eerola [Royaume-Uni] ; Thomas Jacobsen [Allemagne]It's Sad but I Like It: The Neural Dissociation Between Musical Emotions and Liking in Experts and Laypersons
000034 (2016) Matthew Ratcliffe [Autriche] ; Sam Wilkinson [Royaume-Uni]How anxiety induces verbal hallucinations
000039 (2016) Elena Dellacasa [Italie] ; Li Zhao [Royaume-Uni] ; Gesheng Yang [République populaire de Chine] ; Laura Pastorino [Italie] ; Gleb B. Sukhorukov [Royaume-Uni]Fabrication and characterization of novel multilayered structures by stereocomplexion of poly(D-lactic acid)/poly(L-lactic acid) and self-assembly of polyelectrolytes.
000125 (2015) Patrick E. Savage [Japon] ; Steven Brown [Canada] ; Emi Sakai [Japon] ; Thomas E. Currie [Royaume-Uni]Statistical universals reveal the structures and functions of human music
000147 (2015) K. Remoundou [Royaume-Uni] ; M. Brennan [Royaume-Uni] ; G. Sacchettini [Italie] ; L. Panzone [Royaume-Uni] ; M C Butler-Ellis [Royaume-Uni] ; E. Capri [Italie] ; A. Charistou [Grèce] ; E. Chaideftou [Grèce] ; M G Gerritsen-Ebben [Pays-Bas] ; K. Machera [Grèce] ; P. Spanoghe [Belgique] ; R. Glass [Royaume-Uni] ; A. Marchis [Italie] ; K. Doanngoc [Belgique] ; A. Hart [Royaume-Uni] ; L J Frewer [Royaume-Uni]Perceptions of pesticides exposure risks by operators, workers, residents and bystanders in Greece, Italy and the UK.
000158 (2015) Gabriele Sacchettini [Italie] ; Maura Calliera [Italie] ; Alexandru Marchis [Italie] ; Richard Glass [Royaume-Uni] ; Clare Butler Ellis [Royaume-Uni] ; Kyriaki Machera [Grèce] ; Rianda Gerritsen-Ebben [Pays-Bas] ; Pieter Spanoghe [Belgique] ; Ettore Capri [Italie]New risk indicator approach for Operators, Workers, Bystanders and Residents for a sustainable use of plant protection products.
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000177 (2015) Francis Grier [Royaume-Uni]La traviata and Oedipus.
000179 (2015) Xuejing Lu [Australie, République populaire de Chine] ; Hao Tam Ho [Australie] ; Fang Liu [Royaume-Uni] ; Daxing Wu [République populaire de Chine] ; William F. Thompson [Australie]Intonation processing deficits of emotional words among Mandarin Chinese speakers with congenital amusia: an ERP study
000248 (2015) Louise Mccabe [Royaume-Uni] ; Corinne Greasley-Adams [Royaume-Uni] ; Katy Goodson [Royaume-Uni]'What I want to do is get half a dozen of them and go and see Simon Cowell': Reflecting on participation and outcomes for people with dementia taking part in a creative musical project.
000258 (2015) Arno Keppens [Belgique] ; Jean-Christophe Lambert [Belgique] ; José Granville [Belgique] ; Georgina Miles [Royaume-Uni] ; Richard Siddans [Royaume-Uni] ; Jacob C. A. Van Peet [France] ; Ronald J. Van Der A [France] ; Daan Hubert [Belgique] ; Tijl Verhoelst [Belgique] ; Andy Delcloo [Belgique] ; Sophie Godin-Beekmann [France] ; Rigel Kivi [Finlande] ; René Stübi [Suisse] ; Claus Zehner [Italie]Round-robin evaluation of nadir ozone profile retrievals: methodology and application to MetOp-A GOME-2
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000324 (2014) Ailsa Lyons [Royaume-Uni] ; Ann Mcneill ; John BrittonTobacco imagery on prime time UK television.
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000366 (2014) Philip A. Fine [Royaume-Uni] ; Jane Ginsborg [Royaume-Uni]Making myself understood: perceived factors affecting the intelligibility of sung text
000382 (2014) Boris Yakobson [Israël] ; Izedin Goga ; Conrad M. Freuling [Allemagne] ; Anthony R. Fooks [Royaume-Uni] ; Valdet Gjinovci ; Beqe Hulaj ; Daniel Horton [Royaume-Uni] ; Nicholas Johnson [Royaume-Uni] ; Jeton Muhaxhiri ; Ilir Recica ; Dan David [Israël] ; Richard O'Flaherty [Italie] ; Nick Taylor [Royaume-Uni] ; Tony Wilsmore [Royaume-Uni] ; Thomas Müller [Allemagne]Implementation and monitoring of oral rabies vaccination of foxes in Kosovo between 2010 and 2013--an international and intersectorial effort.

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