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List of bibliographic references indexed by Inde

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 19.
Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000053 (2016) A. Raspa [Italie] ; A. Marchini [Italie] ; R. Pugliese [Italie] ; M. Mauri [Italie] ; M. Maleki [Italie] ; R. Vasita [Inde] ; F. Gelain [Italie]A biocompatibility study of new nanofibrous scaffolds for nervous system regeneration.
000197 (2015) Kalyan B. Bhattacharyya [Inde] ; Saurabh Rai [Inde]Famous people with Tourette's syndrome: Dr. Samuel Johnson (yes) & Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (may be): Victims of Tourette's syndrome?
000326 (2014) Manu Kothari [Inde] ; Atul Goel [Inde]The music of movement — in health — n — disease
000421 (2014) Deepak Gupta [Inde] ; Soheyl Sheikh [Inde] ; Shambulingappa Pallagatti [Inde] ; Kartikaya Kasariya [Inde] ; Amit Buttan [Inde] ; Maqul Gupta [Inde]Burning Mouth Syndrome due to Television Moans, an Enigma for Oral Physician: Treatment with Counseling.
000424 (2014) Man Mohan Mehndiratta [Inde] ; Kalyan B. Bhattacharyya [Inde] ; Vikram Bohra [Inde] ; Swapan Gupta [Inde] ; Ankur Wadhwa [Inde]Babinski the great: Failure did not deter him
000595 (2013) Milind V. Kirtane [Inde] ; Abhineet Lall [Inde] ; Kashmira Chavan [Inde] ; Dhruv Satwalekar [Inde]Endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy with flap suturing.
000714 (2012-06-28) Alexandra Calmy [Suisse] ; Eric Balestre [France] ; Fabrice Bonnet [France] ; Andrew Boulle [Afrique du Sud] ; Eduardo Sprinz [Brésil] ; Robin Wood [Afrique du Sud] ; Eric Delaporte [France] ; Eugène Messou [Côte d'Ivoire] ; James Mcintyre [Afrique du Sud] ; Kamal El Filali [Maroc] ; Mauro Schechter [Brésil] ; N. Kumarasamy [Inde] ; David Bangsberg [Ouganda] ; Patrick Mcphail [Afrique du Sud] ; Stefaan Van Der Borght [Pays-Bas] ; Carlos Zala [Argentine] ; Matthias Egger [Suisse] ; Rodolphe Thiébaut [France] ; François Dabis [France]Mean CD4 cell count changes in patients failing a first-line antiretroviral therapy in resource-limited settings.
000917 (2012) D. Indumathi [Inde] ; Romesh K. Kaul [Inde] ; M. V. N. Murthy [Inde] ; G. Rajasekaran [Inde]Group velocity of neutrino waves
000A46 (2011) Meeta Singh [Inde] ; Duru Shah [Inde]Thirteenth World Congress on Menopause, Rome, 8 – 11 June, 2011
000A65 (2011) V. Nelly Salgado De Snyder [Mexique] ; Sharon Friel [Royaume-Uni, Australie] ; Jean Christophe Fotso [Kenya] ; Zeinab Khadr [Égypte] ; Sergio Meresman [Uruguay] ; Patricia Monge [Costa Rica] ; Anita Patil-Deshmukh [Inde]Social Conditions and Urban Health Inequities: Realities, Challenges and Opportunities to Transform the Urban Landscape through Research and Action
000D50 (2010) M J Singh [Inde] ; H P L. De EschPhysics design of a 100 keV acceleration grid system for the diagnostic neutral beam for international tokamak experimental reactor.
000F11 (2010) Udaybir Singh [Inde] ; A. Bera [Inde] ; Narendra Kumar [Inde] ; L. P. Purohit [Inde] ; A. K. Sinha [Inde]Three-Dimensional Simulation of MIG for 42-GHz 200-kW Gyrotron
001473 (2008) Anil Yekkala ; Veni Madhavan [Inde]Bit Domain Encryption
001693 (2007) Anil Yekkala ; E. Veni Madhavan [Inde]Bit Plane Encoding and Encryption
002952 (1997) Ravindra K. Ahuja [Inde] ; Murali Kodialam [États-Unis] ; Ajay K. Mishra [États-Unis] ; James B. Orlin [États-Unis]Computational investigations of maximum flow algorithms
003107 (1992) K. Sudhir [Inde] ; R. Rajagopalan [Inde]An artificial intelligence approach to precedence network generation for assembly line balancing
003252 (1991) Kripa Shanker [Inde] ; Anil Kumar Agrawal [Inde]Loading problem and resource considerations in FMS: a review
004A03 (????) Hijab Mehta [Inde] ; Hitendra B. Mehta ; Prashant Garg ; Harish KodialVoriconazole for the treatment of refractory Aspergillus fumigatus keratitis.
004A39 (????) Paresh D. Lakdawala [Inde]Doctor-patient relationship in psychiatry.

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