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Number of relevant bibliographic references: 51.
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000032 (2016) Elvira Brattico [Danemark, Finlande] ; Brigitte Bogert [Finlande] ; Vinoo Alluri [Finlande, Suisse] ; Mari Tervaniemi [Finlande] ; Tuomas Eerola [Royaume-Uni] ; Thomas Jacobsen [Allemagne]It's Sad but I Like It: The Neural Dissociation Between Musical Emotions and Liking in Experts and Laypersons
000116 (2015) Meiju Ij L [Finlande] ; Justiina Ronkainen [Finlande] ; Tuija Huusko [Finlande] ; Elina Malo [Finlande] ; Eeva-Riitta Savolainen [Finlande] ; Markku J. Savolainen [Finlande] ; Tuire Salonurmi [Finlande] ; Risto Bloigu [Finlande] ; Y Antero Kes Niemi [Finlande] ; Olavi Ukkola [Finlande]The fat mass and obesity-associated (FTO) gene variant rs9939609 predicts long-term incidence of cardiovascular disease and related death independent of the traditional risk factors.
000142 (2015) Juha S. Perkiöm Ki [Finlande] ; Mikko Möttönen [Finlande] ; Jarmo Lumme [Finlande] ; Y Antero Kes Niemi [Finlande] ; Olavi Ukkola [Finlande] ; Heikki V. Huikuri [Finlande]Predictors of Development of Echocardiographic Left Ventricular Diastolic Dysfunction in the Subjects Aged 40 to 59 Years (from the Oulu Project Elucidating Risk of Atherosclerosis Study).
000157 (2015) Aki J. K R J M Ki [Finlande] ; Olli-Pekka P Tsi [Finlande] ; Markku Savolainen [Finlande] ; Y Antero Kes Niemi [Finlande] ; Heikki Huikuri [Finlande] ; Olavi Ukkola [Finlande]Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease as a Predictor of Atrial Fibrillation in Middle-Aged Population (OPERA Study).
000239 (2015) Iballa Burunat [Finlande] ; Elvira Brattico [Danemark, Finlande] ; Tuomas Puoliv Li [Finlande] ; Tapani Ristaniemi [Finlande] ; Mikko Sams [Finlande] ; Petri Toiviainen [Finlande]Action in Perception: Prominent Visuo-Motor Functional Symmetry in Musicians during Music Listening
000258 (2015) Arno Keppens [Belgique] ; Jean-Christophe Lambert [Belgique] ; José Granville [Belgique] ; Georgina Miles [Royaume-Uni] ; Richard Siddans [Royaume-Uni] ; Jacob C. A. Van Peet [France] ; Ronald J. Van Der A [France] ; Daan Hubert [Belgique] ; Tijl Verhoelst [Belgique] ; Andy Delcloo [Belgique] ; Sophie Godin-Beekmann [France] ; Rigel Kivi [Finlande] ; René Stübi [Suisse] ; Claus Zehner [Italie]Round-robin evaluation of nadir ozone profile retrievals: methodology and application to MetOp-A GOME-2
000373 (2014) Meiju Aij L [Finlande] ; Merja Santaniemi ; Risto Bloigu ; Y Antero Kes Niemi ; Olavi UkkolaLeptin receptor Arg109 homozygotes display decreased total mortality as well as lower incidence of cardiovascular disease and related death.
000377 (2014) Ritva Torppa [Finlande] ; Minna Huotilainen [Finlande] ; Miika Leminen [Finlande, Danemark] ; Jari Lipsanen [Finlande] ; Mari Tervaniemi [Finlande]Interplay between singing and cortical processing of music: a longitudinal study in children with cochlear implants
000390 (2014) Juha Perkiöm Ki [Finlande] ; Olavi Ukkola ; Antti Kiviniemi ; Mikko Tulppo ; Antti Ylitalo ; Y Antero Kes Niemi ; Heikki HuikuriHeart rate variability findings as a predictor of atrial fibrillation in middle-aged population.
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000397 (2014) Pauliina Pisto [Finlande] ; Merja Santaniemi ; Risto Bloigu ; Olavi Ukkola ; Y Antero Kes NiemiFatty liver predicts the risk for cardiovascular events in middle-aged population: a population-based cohort study.
000399 (2014) Olli Rissanen [Finlande] ; Petteri Pitk Nen [Finlande] ; Antti Juvonen [Finlande] ; Gustav Kuhn [Royaume-Uni] ; Kai Hakkarainen [Finlande]Expertise among professional magicians: an interview study
000502 (2013-05-06) Mika Lasanen [Finlande] ; Marc Aubrée [France] ; Cédric Cassan [France] ; Alberto Conte [France] ; Jérôme David [France] ; Salaheddine El Ayoubi [France] ; Timo Galkin [Finlande] ; Vlad Grigore [Finlande] ; Stéphane Le Masson [France] ; Jonathan Lees [Royaume-Uni] ; Hasna Louahlia-Gualous [France] ; Didier Marquet [France] ; Zul Mokhti [Royaume-Uni] ; Loutfi Nuaymi [France] ; Hans-Otto Scheck [Suède] ; Lauri Smalen [Suède]Environmental Friendly Mobile Radio Networks: Approaches of the European OPERA-Net 2 Project
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000555 (2013) Teija Waaramaa [Finlande] ; Timo Leisiö [Finlande]Perception of emotionally loaded vocal expressions and its connection to responses to music. A cross-cultural investigation: Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Russia, and the USA
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000908 (2012) Riitta-Liisa Vasunta [Finlande] ; Y. Antero Kes Niemi [Finlande] ; Antti Ylitalo [Finlande] ; Olavi Ukkola [Finlande]Nondipping Pattern and Carotid Atherosclerosis in a Middle-Aged Population: OPERA Study
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000A54 (2011) Riia Milovanov [Finlande] ; Mari Tervaniemi [Finlande]The Interplay between Musical and Linguistic Aptitudes: A Review
000B47 (2011) Annamari Tuori ; Tanja Vilén [Finlande]Subject Positions and Power Relations in Creative Organizations: Taking a Discursive View on Organizational Creativity

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