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List of bibliographic references

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 142.
[0-20] [0 - 20][0 - 50][20-40]
Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000006 (2000) Leighton Jones [Royaume-Uni]Market orientation – a case study of three UK opera companies
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000015 (1978) Mark Blaug [Royaume-Uni]Why are covent garden seat prices so high?
000019 (2006) Debbie Hindle [Royaume-Uni] ; Susie Godsil [Royaume-Uni]The song of the siren: Some thoughts on idealization and creativity in Martinů's Julietta
000049 (2006) Andrew V. Jones [Royaume-Uni]Staging a Handel opera
000050 (2003) Donald Mcneill [Royaume-Uni] ; Mark Tewdwr Ones [Royaume-Uni]Architecture, banal nationalism and re‐territorialization
000068 (2011) Francis Grier [Royaume-Uni]Thoughts on Rigoletto
000088 (1987) Howard L. Hughes [Royaume-Uni]Culture as a tourist resource — a theoretical consideration
000103 (2009) David Charlton [Royaume-Uni]Rousseau and Favart at Fontainebleau, Pergolesi at Versailles
000104 (2012) Tim R. Morris [Royaume-Uni]Superluminal velocity through near-maximal neutrino oscillations or by being off shell
000115 (2010) Emanuele Senici [Royaume-Uni]Porn Style? Space and Time in Live Opera Videos
000136 (2008) Richard Rusbridger [Royaume-Uni]The internal world of Don Giovanni
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000170 (2007) Nanette Nielsen [Royaume-Uni]Sein oder Schein? Paul Bekker's Mirror Image and the Ethical Voice of Humane Opera
000171 (2008) Alexandra Wilson [Royaume-Uni]Defining Italianness: The Opera That Made Puccini
000185 (1995) Andy Lowe [Royaume-Uni]The basic social processes of entrepreneurial innovation
000204 (2003) Brian Young [Royaume-Uni]The Performance of Pastoral Politics: Britten's Albert Herring
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000255 (2010) Berta Joncus [Royaume-Uni]Martha Feldman: Opera and Sovereignty: Transforming Myths in Eighteenth-Century Italy
000274 (1988) Peter R. Harris [Royaume-Uni] ; Philip Wilshire [Royaume-Uni]Estimating the Prevalence of Shyness in the “Global Village”: Pluralistic Ignorance or False Consensus?

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