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List of bibliographic references

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 143.
[0-20] [0 - 20][0 - 50][20-40]
Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
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000016 (2013) N. Quillinan [Royaume-Uni] ; D. Mcintosh [Royaume-Uni] ; S. Haq [Royaume-Uni] ; C. Denton [Royaume-Uni]OP0224 A placebo-controlled phase II study of hyperimmune caprine serum as potential treatment for established diffuse cutaneous systemic sclerosis
000031 (2012) Tim R. Morris [Royaume-Uni]Superluminal velocity through near-maximal neutrino oscillations or by being off shell
000084 (2011) S. Cousens [Royaume-Uni] ; J. Hargreaves [Royaume-Uni] ; C. Bonell [Royaume-Uni] ; B. Armstrong [Royaume-Uni] ; J. Thomas [Royaume-Uni] ; B R Kirkwood [Royaume-Uni] ; R. Hayes [Royaume-Uni]Alternatives to randomisation in the evaluation of public-health interventions: statistical analysis and causal inference
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000093 (2011) Francis Grier [Royaume-Uni]Thoughts on Rigoletto
000103 (2011) Raymond Monelle [Royaume-Uni]Strauss's Capriccio and the terror of time
000133 (2011) Kevin S. Paulson [Royaume-Uni] ; Hafiz Basarudin [Royaume-Uni]Development of a heterogeneous microwave network fade simulation tool applicable to networks that span Europe
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000192 (2010) Nicholas Till [Royaume-Uni]Magic Flutes and Enchanted Forests: The Supernatural in Eighteenth-Century Musical Theatre. By David J. Buch.
000198 (2010) Roger Parker [Royaume-Uni]Giuseppe Verdi's Don Carlo(s): Live on DVD
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000239 (2010) Steve Oakes [Royaume-Uni]Profiling the jazz festival audience

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