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List of bibliographic references indexed by Finlande

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 16.
Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000025 (2010) Mikael Johansson [Suède] ; Riku J Ntti [Finlande]Wireless Networking for Control: Technologies and Models
000188 (2003) Ilkka Seilonen [Finlande] ; Teppo Pirttioja [Finlande] ; Pekka Appelqvist [Finlande] ; Aarne Halme [Finlande] ; Kari Koskinen [Finlande]An Approach to Process Automation Based on Cooperating Subprocess Agents
000195 (2003) Vagan Terziyan [Finlande]Semantic Web Services for Smart Devices in a “Global Understanding Environment”
000249 (2001) S.-L J Ms Jounela [Finlande]Current status and future trends in the automation of mineral and metal processing
000260 (2001) F. Herfurth [Suisse, Allemagne] ; J. Dilling [Allemagne] ; A. Kellerbauer [Allemagne] ; G. Bollen [Allemagne] ; S. Henry [France] ; H.-J Kluge [Allemagne] ; E. Lamour [Allemagne] ; D. Lunney [France] ; R. B Moore [Canada] ; C. Scheidenberger [Allemagne] ; S. Schwarz [Allemagne] ; G. Sikler [Allemagne] ; J. Szerypo [Finlande]A linear radiofrequency ion trap for accumulation, bunching, and emittance improvement of radioactive ion beams
000281 (2001) Tapio Heikkil [Finlande] ; Martin Kollingbaum [Royaume-Uni] ; Paul Valckenaers [Belgique] ; Geert-Jan Bluemink [Finlande, Pays-Bas]An agent architecture for manufacturing control: manAge
000408 (1998) Seppo J. Ovaska [Finlande]Evolutionary modernization of large elevator groups: toward intelligent mechatronics
000429 (1998) S. Linko [Finlande] ; P. Linko [Finlande]Developments in Monitoring and Control of Food Processes
000431 (1998) Eila Niemel [Finlande] ; Harri Perunka [Finlande] ; Tomi Korpip [Finlande]A Software Bus as a Platform for a Family of Distributed Embedded System Products
000459 (1997) Susan Linko [Finlande]Expert systems—what can they do for the food industry?
000698 (1992) Tapio Virvalo [Finlande] ; Pertti Puusaari [Finlande]New solution of motion control problem in mechatronic system
000699 (1992) Henrik Huovila [Finlande] ; Jouni Siirtola [Finlande] ; Ari Virtanen [Finlande] ; Pertti Peussa [Finlande]General purpose valve amplifier with field bus interface
000701 (1992) Tapio Virvalo [Finlande]Distributed motion control in hydraulics and pneumatics
000711 (1991) Tapio Virvalo [Finlande] ; Pertti Puusaari [Finlande]The distributed control system — a world of new possibilities
000730 (1990) Mikko Lehtinen [Finlande] ; Pertti Puusaari [Finlande] ; Tapio Virvalo [Finlande]Development of a command language for programming a robotic actuator
000740 (1989) Tapio Virvalo [Finlande] ; Pertti Puusaari [Finlande]Developing intelligent actuator systems: experimenting with Bitbus and the 8096

List of associated Author.i

Nombre de
5Tapio Virvalo
4Pertti Puusaari
1A. Kellerbauer
1Aarne Halme
1Ari Virtanen
1C. Scheidenberger
1D. Lunney
1E. Lamour
1Eila Niemel
1F. Herfurth
1G. Bollen
1G. Sikler
1Geert-Jan Bluemink
1H.-J Kluge
1Harri Perunka
1Henrik Huovila
1Ilkka Seilonen
1J. Dilling
1J. Szerypo
1Jouni Siirtola
1Kari Koskinen
1Martin Kollingbaum
1Mikael Johansson
1Mikko Lehtinen
1P. Linko
1Paul Valckenaers
1Pekka Appelqvist
1Pertti Peussa
1R. B Moore
1Riku J Ntti
1S. Henry
1S. Linko
1S. Schwarz
1S.-L J Ms Jounela
1Seppo J. Ovaska
1Susan Linko
1Tapio Heikkil
1Teppo Pirttioja
1Tomi Korpip
1Vagan Terziyan

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