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List of bibliographic references indexed by Corée du Sud

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 20.
Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000006 (2011) Junghoon Lee [Corée du Sud] ; Gyung-Leen Park [Corée du Sud] ; Ho-Young Kwak [Corée du Sud]Selective Placement of High-Reliability Operation in Grid-Style Wireless Control Networks
000011 (2011) Yong Hee Lee [Corée du Sud] ; Seung Hwan Min [Corée du Sud] ; Seung Ho Hong [Corée du Sud]Extension of prioritized data analysis in the Foundation Fieldbus to three classes
000023 (2010) Hyun Lee [Corée du Sud] ; Dong Kyu Yi [Corée du Sud] ; Jun Seok Lee [Corée du Sud] ; Gye-Do Park [Corée du Sud] ; Jang Myung Lee [Corée du Sud]Marine Engine State Monitoring System Using Distributed Precedence Queue Mechanism in CAN Networks
000028 (2010) Junghoon Lee [Corée du Sud] ; Gyung-Leen Park [Corée du Sud] ; Seong-Baeg Kim [Corée du Sud] ; Min-Jae Kang [Corée du Sud] ; Mikyung Kang [États-Unis]Robust Multicast Scheme for Wireless Process Control on Traffic Light Networks
000035 (2010) Junghoon Lee [Corée du Sud] ; Seong Baeg Kim [Corée du Sud] ; Mikyung Kang [États-Unis]Design of a Slot Assignment Scheme for Link Error Distribution on Wireless Grid Networks
000040 (2010) Junghoon Lee [Corée du Sud] ; Gyung-Leen Park [Corée du Sud] ; In-Hye Shin [Corée du Sud] ; Choel Min Kim [Corée du Sud] ; Sang-Wook Kim [Corée du Sud]A Control Loop Reduction Scheme for Wireless Process Control on Traffic Light Networks
000051 (2009) Vu Van Tan [Corée du Sud] ; Dae-Seung Yoo [Corée du Sud] ; Myeong-Jae Yi [Corée du Sud]Device Integration Approach to OPC UA-Based Process Automation Systems with FDT/DTM and EDDL
000053 (2009) Vu Van Tan [Corée du Sud] ; Dae-Seung Yoo [Corée du Sud] ; Myeong-Jae Yi [Corée du Sud]A SOA-Based Framework for Building Monitoring and Control Software Systems
000059 (2009) Junghoon Lee [Corée du Sud] ; In-Hye Shin [Corée du Sud] ; Cheol Min Kim [Corée du Sud]Design of a Reliable Traffic Control System on City Area Based on a Wireless Network
000092 (2007) Inseok Yang [Corée du Sud, Niger] ; Donggil Kim [Corée du Sud] ; Kyungmin Kang [Corée du Sud] ; Dongik Lee [Corée du Sud] ; Kyungsik Yoon [Corée du Sud]Smart Actuator-Based Fault-Tolerant Control for Networked Safety-Critical Embedded Systems
000094 (2007) Dao Manh Cuong [Corée du Sud] ; Myung Kyun Kim [Corée du Sud]Real-Time Communications on an Integrated Fieldbus Network Based on a Switched Ethernet in Industrial Environment
000102 (2007) Young J. Won [Corée du Sud] ; Mi-Jung Choi [Corée du Sud] ; Myung-Sup Kim [Corée du Sud] ; Hong-Sun Noh [Corée du Sud] ; Jun Hyub Lee [Corée du Sud] ; Hwa Won Hwang [Corée du Sud] ; James Won-Ki Hong [Corée du Sud]Measurement Analysis of IP-Based Process Control Networks
000107 (2007) Young J. Won [Corée du Sud] ; Mi-Jung Choi [Corée du Sud] ; Jang Jin Lee [Corée du Sud] ; Jun Hyub Lee [Corée du Sud] ; Hwa Won Hwang [Corée du Sud] ; James Won-Ki Hong [Corée du Sud]Detecting Network Faults on Industrial Process Control IP Networks
000199 (2003) Young-Yeol Choo [Corée du Sud] ; Cheeha Kim [Corée du Sud]Periodic Communication Support in Multiple Access Networks Exploiting Token with Timer
000200 (2003) Hyoung Yuk Kim [Corée du Sud] ; Hong Seong Park [Corée du Sud]Period And Priority Assignment Method For Dcs Design
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000409 (1998) Minsoo Ryu [Corée du Sud] ; Seongsoo Hong [Corée du Sud]End-to-end design of distributed real-time systems1The work reported in this paper was supported in part by Engineering Research Center for Advanced Control and Instrumentation (ERC-ACI) under Grant 96K3-0707-02-06-1, KOSEF under Grant 96-2037, and S.N.U. Korea Electric Power Corp. Research Fund under Grant 96-15-1135.
000417 (1998) Jaehyun Park [Corée du Sud] ; Youngchan Yoon [Corée du Sud]An extended TCP/IP protocol for real-time local area networks
000422 (1998) Young Shin Kim [Corée du Sud] ; Seungkweon Jeong [Corée du Sud] ; Wook Hyun Kwon [Corée du Sud]A pre-run-time scheduling method for distributed real-time systems in an FIP environment

List of associated Author.i

Nombre de
5Junghoon Lee
3Gyung-Leen Park
2Dae-Seung Yoo
2Hong Seong Park
2Hwa Won Hwang
2In-Hye Shin
2James Won-Ki Hong
2Jun Hyub Lee
2Mi-Jung Choi
2Mikyung Kang
2Myeong-Jae Yi
2Vu Van Tan
2Wook Hyun Kwon
2Young J. Won
1Cheeha Kim
1Cheol Min Kim
1Choel Min Kim
1Dao Manh Cuong
1Dong Kyu Yi
1Donggil Kim
1Dongik Lee
1Gye-Do Park
1Ho-Young Kwak
1Hong-Ju Moon
1Hong-Sun Noh
1Hyoung Yuk Kim
1Hyun Lee
1Inseok Yang
1Jaehyun Park
1Jang Jin Lee
1Jang Myung Lee
1Joong Sun Yoon
1Jun Seok Lee
1Kyung Chang Lee
1Kyungmin Kang
1Kyungsik Yoon
1Min-Jae Kang
1Minsoo Ryu
1Myung Chul Han
1Myung Kyun Kim
1Myung-Sup Kim
1Sang Chul Ahn
1Sang-Wook Kim
1Seong Baeg Kim
1Seong-Baeg Kim
1Seongsoo Hong
1Seung Ho Hong
1Seung Hwan Min
1Seungkweon Jeong
1Suk Lee
1Yong Hee Lee
1Young Shin Kim
1Young-Yeol Choo
1Youngchan Yoon

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