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List of bibliographic references indexed by Canada

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 8.
Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000164 (2005) Ferhat Khendek [Canada] ; Christophe Lohr [Canada] ; Li Xin Wang [Canada] ; Xiao Jun Zhang [Canada] ; Tong Zheng [Canada]Early Validation of Deployment and Scheduling Constraints for MSC Specifications
000205 (2003) Hesham Hallal [Canada] ; Sergiy Boroday [Canada] ; Andreas Ulrich [Allemagne] ; Alexandre Petrenko [Canada]An Automata-Based Approach to Property Testing in Event Traces
000260 (2001) F. Herfurth [Suisse, Allemagne] ; J. Dilling [Allemagne] ; A. Kellerbauer [Allemagne] ; G. Bollen [Allemagne] ; S. Henry [France] ; H.-J Kluge [Allemagne] ; E. Lamour [Allemagne] ; D. Lunney [France] ; R. B Moore [Canada] ; C. Scheidenberger [Allemagne] ; S. Schwarz [Allemagne] ; G. Sikler [Allemagne] ; J. Szerypo [Finlande]A linear radiofrequency ion trap for accumulation, bunching, and emittance improvement of radioactive ion beams
000273 (2001) Miodrag Bolic [Yougoslavie, États-Unis] ; Vujo Drndarevic [Yougoslavie] ; Branko Samardzic [Yougoslavie, Canada]Distributed measurement and control system based on microcontrollers with automatic program generation
000280 (2001) Sivaram Balasubramanian [États-Unis] ; Robert W. Brennan [Canada] ; Douglas H. Norrie [Canada]An architecture for metamorphic control of holonic manufacturing systems
000298 (2000) Ian Verhappen [Canada]Foundation fieldbus economics comparison
000623 (1994) Michael Sample [Canada] ; Gerald Neufeld [Canada]High-performance ASN.1 compiler
000720 (1991) D. Grant Fisher [Canada]Process control: An overview and personal perspective

List of associated Author.i

Nombre de
1A. Kellerbauer
1Alexandre Petrenko
1Andreas Ulrich
1Branko Samardzic
1C. Scheidenberger
1Christophe Lohr
1D. Grant Fisher
1D. Lunney
1Douglas H. Norrie
1E. Lamour
1F. Herfurth
1Ferhat Khendek
1G. Bollen
1G. Sikler
1Gerald Neufeld
1H.-J Kluge
1Hesham Hallal
1Ian Verhappen
1J. Dilling
1J. Szerypo
1Li Xin Wang
1Michael Sample
1Miodrag Bolic
1R. B Moore
1Robert W. Brennan
1S. Henry
1S. Schwarz
1Sergiy Boroday
1Sivaram Balasubramanian
1Tong Zheng
1Vujo Drndarevic
1Xiao Jun Zhang

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