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This template is an adaptation of Semantic Web.

This property specifies the URL of the homepage of something, which is a general web resource to learn more about a topic. Like all URLs, it should begin with some known protocol such as "http:". This property also represents the FOAF property foaf:homepage (foaf | Friend Of A Friend) within this wiki, i.e. it will be exported as foaf:homepage. FOAF does not impose any requirements on the things that can have homepages, so this property can be used rather freely.

This property is a subproperty of Property:URL, see that page and Type:URL for other URL properties on Wicri Computer Science.

See also

  • Property:URL (the "abstract" super property of all URLs here)

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EDF 2014 Athens +http://2014.data-forum.eu  +
EDF 2015 Luxembourg +http://2015.data-forum.eu  +
ICSSEA 2012 Paris +http://icssea.enst.fr  +