Interregional award for research 2012

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The Lorraine Regional Council has launched the fifth edition of the Interregional award for research in the framework of the Presidency of the 13th Summit of the Greater Region. This award is organised by the Greater Region “Higher Education and Research” Working Group that is also chaired by Lorraine Regional Council and which is composed of all the cross-border institutions responsible for higher education and research.

The Interregional award for research aims at rewarding the projects that are emblematic of scientific cooperation conducted by at least two laboratories from two of the Greater Region partner regions. Two awards of a respective value of 35,000 euros and 25,000 euros will honour the teams having worked to progress cross-border scientific activities. This edition benefits from the patronage of SaarLB (Saarland bank) to the sum of 25,000 euros.

The two awards will be attributed at the start of the 2012 academic year by the Ministers and Vice-presidents of the Greater Region charged scientific and academic with questions and during the 2nd Ministerial Conference of higher education and research.

Interested laboratories have until 31 March 2012 to present their application dossier by email to

(dossier to be completed in French and German).