Pour une politique ambitieuse des données publiques (2011) rapport

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Title (original) 
Pour une politique ambitieuse des données publiques : Les données publiques au service de l’innovation et de la transparence
Title (translated)
For an ambitious policy of public data : Public data at the service of innovation and transparency
Romain Lacombe, Pierre-Henri Bertin, François Vauglin and Alice Vieillefosse ; under the scientific direction of Pierre-Jean Benghozi and Laurent Gille.
École des Ponts ParisTech
July, 13th 2011
Recent evolutions of technology have placed public data at the central focus of public policy. Government collects and produces a vast array of data, from the budgets of our institutions to the quality of the air we breathe, through precise statistics on our economy, our society or our territories. Opening public sector information means improving the transparency of our Government and its institutions, enlightening the democratic debate, and strengthening the bond between the nation and its representatives. Encouraging reuse of this data (« Open Data ») allows the community of Web developers and Internet entrepreneurs to invent new, useful applications for citizens. It is an important public policy lever in favour of innovation, which can ignite the information society and contribute to the development of strategic sectors of the economy, from sustainable development to the growth of the digital economy. Government must fully embrace this major opportunity and this new dimension of public policy, and put its power to work at the service of the nation’s every constituent.
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this report was given to Ministre de l’Industrie, de l’Energie et de l’Economie numérique.