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De Wicri Lorraine
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Cette page sert de point d'entrée sur les coopérations de la Lorraine avec le Royaume-Uni ou sur les travaux en rapport avec ce pays.

Projets européens

Cette rubrique est consacrée à identifier les projets européens cités sur Wicri/Lorraine et associant au moins un partenaire lorrain et un partenaire britannique.

ADACOMAdaptive Control for Metal Cutting
AERSUSAerogel European Supplying Unit for Space Applications
BACCARABiodiversity and climate change, a risk analysis
CAPRIGHTResources, rights and capabilities; in search of social foundations for Europe
CB-WR-MEDCapacity Building for Direct Water Reuse in the Mediterranean Area
CESARCO2 enhanced separation and recovery
CLARIN (FP7)Common language resources and technology infrastructure
CLASSICComputational learning in adaptive systems for spoken conversation
CO (Eureka)
CODYCOWhole-body Compliant Dynamical Contacts in Cognitive Humanoids
DCP-PHYSBIODynamics and Cooperative Phenomena in Complex Physical and Biological Media
DRIVE-ABDriving Re-investment in R&D and responsible antibiotic use
DYNAMITEDynamic Decisions in Maintenance
ECNETEU-CHINA Nuclear Education and Training Cooperation
ECOFINDERSEcological Function and Biodiversity Indicators in European Soils
ECOSHELLDevelopment of new light high-performance environmentally benign composites made of bio-materials and bio-resins for electric car application
ELIBAMAEuropean Li-Ion Battery Advanced Manufacturing for Electric Vehicles
ENERGYPOPLAREnhancing poplar traits for energy applications
ENTHRONEEnd-to-end QoS through Integrated Management of content, networks and terminals
ENTHRONE (2)End-to-End QoS through Integrated Management of Content, Networks and Terminals
EUMARGINSOn the margins of the European community young adult immigrants in seven European countries
EUROPLANET RIEuropean planetology network research infrastructure
FI WAREFuture Internet Core Platform
FIRELIFire retardant line hoses for forestry fire-fighting applications
FUSENETThe European fusion education network
F³ FACTORYFlexible, fast and future production processes
HARDECOATDevelopment of new hard decorative coatings based on transition metal oxynitrides
HOMAGEHeart OMics in AGEing
HYSOPOn the margins of the European community young adult immigrants in seven European countries
ILHAIREIncorporating Laughter into Human-Avatar Interactions: Research and Evaluation
IMPACTImproving access to text
IMPULSEIntegrated Multiscale Process Units with Locally Structured Elements
IMS&CPSInnovative Material Synergies & Composite Processing Strategies
INTEROPInteroperability research for networked enterprises applications and software
IOLICAPNovel IΟnic LΙquid and supported ionic liquid solvents for reversible CAPture of CO2
… autres résultats

Manifestations intéressant la Lorraine et le Royaume-Uni

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