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Budget : 7 033 k€
Subventions : INTERREG IV-B (3 517 k€)
Début : 3 octobre 2007
Fin : 31 mars 2014
Site officiel :
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INTRADE est l'acronyme du projet européen Intelligent transportation for dynamic environment.

Description du projet (en anglais) :
The world seaborne trade has been developed in the last decade, mainly due to globalization and development of emerging countries. This world growth has an influence on the development of ports and maritime terminals. Within North West Europe (NWE), few ports are able to keep pace with this growth, despite the importance of this coastal area (stretching from Ireland to the Netherlands (see Figures 6, 7, 8 in Annex)).

The main problem of the development in the ports and terminals of the NWE area depends on the internal traffic management and space optimisation inside a confined space. A solution was proposed for a selection of major ports such as Rotterdam, Düsseldorf and Hamburg, to automate the handling of goods using automatic guided vehicles (AGV). This solution has resolved some relative internal traffic issues, although it has highlighted several limitations:

  • The port infrastructure would need to be adapted to use AVG's, making it difficult to generalise about how this would work within other ports of Europe;
  • The AGV system uses an internal combustion engine which increases the levels of pollution to the immediate confined area;
  • Failure management of such a transport system is not taken into account, so when a vehicle is in a failure state, it blocks the path of subsequent vehicles.

Thus, the InTraDE project contributes to improving the traffic management and space optimisation inside confined space by developing a clean and safe, intelligent transportation system. This system would adapt to the specific environment requirements, and could be transferred to different sizes of ports and terminals. The transportation system operates in parallel with virtual simulation software of the automated site, allowing a robust and real-time supervision of the goods handling operation.

Les partenaires du projet

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Partenaires du projet


  • Coût total du projet : 7 033 671 €
  • Subvention de la Commission européenne (programme INTERREG IVB) : 3 516 835 €

Dates importantes

  • Date de début : 3 octobre 2007
  • Date de fin : 31 mars 2014

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