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De Wicri Lorraine
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Cette page sert de point d'entrée sur les coopérations de la Lorraine avec la Finlande ou sur les travaux en rapport avec ce pays.

Projets européens

Cette rubrique est consacrée à identifier les projets européens cités sur Wicri/Lorraine et associant au moins un partenaire lorrain et un partenaire finlandais.

AEROCOINSAerogel-Based Composite/Hybrid Nanomaterials for Cost-Effective Building Super-Insulation Systems
BIOFOAMBARKBark Valorization into Insulating Foams and Bioenergy
CLARIN (FP7)Common language resources and technology infrastructure
DYNAMITEDynamic Decisions in Maintenance
ECOSHELLDevelopment of new light high-performance environmentally benign composites made of bio-materials and bio-resins for electric car application
EMPATHICEmpathic Products
ENTHRONE (2)End-to-End QoS through Integrated Management of Content, Networks and Terminals
EUROPLANET RIEuropean planetology network research infrastructure
FI WAREFuture Internet Core Platform
FIRELIFire retardant line hoses for forestry fire-fighting applications
FUSENETThe European fusion education network
INTEROPInteroperability research for networked enterprises applications and software
LUCOEXLarge Underground Concept Experiments
NECSTNetworked control systems tolerant to faults
NEWFOREXNew ways to value and market forest externalities
NOVELTREENovel tree breeding strategies
PACTPathways for carbon transitions
PAPYRUSPlug and Play monitoring and control architecture for optimization of large scale production processes
PEPT-FLOWInnovative polymer flow visualisation for optimised machine design, improved mixing and material properties, process efficiency and energy reductions
PERMEDPersonalized Medicine 2020 and beyond – Preparing Europe for leading the global way
PETRUS IITowards an European training market and professional qualification in Geological Disposal
PRO-WOODPromoting and linking Wood Industry and Research in Romanian Regions using good practice from acknowledged wood clusters in the EU
PROMINENano-particle products from new mineral resources in Europe
RECOSYRedox phenomena controlling systems
SAFESCIMETEuropean Modular Education and Training Programme in Safety Sciences for Medicines
SECUREAUSecurity and decontamination of drinking water distribution systems following a deliberate contamination
SMARTCELLRational design of plant systems for sustainable generation of value-added industrial products
SPIDERStatistical Physics in Diverse Realisations
SUSSmart Urban Spaces
THERADPOXOptimised and novel oncolytic adenoviruses and pox viruses in the treatment of cancer: Virotherapy combined with molecular chemotherapy
eLene-TLCeLearning network for a Teaching and Learning service Centre

Manifestations intéressant la Lorraine et la Finlande

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