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De Wicri Lorraine
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Budget : 4 934 k€
Subventions : INTERREG IV-B (2 467 k€)
Début : 7 octobre 2008
Fin : 30 juin 2014
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+COMPOSITES est l'acronyme du projet européen Awareness and transfer of innovation in composite materials.

Description du projet (en anglais) :
This project aims to reinforce innovation and technology transfer amongst companies in NWE, in order to provide support and assistance throughout the period of profound industrial change linked to the arrival of composite materials. The aim is to rely on the “technological centres of excellence” and on the dynamics that they have created in their area of expertise, whilst providing a favourable climate to generate the necessary synergies, which will allow us to reach our final objective. The objective of this project is to encourage technology transfer from these networks specialized in the field of composite materials to SMBs in NWE.

In terms of communication and education, we expect to add value to 500-1000 SMBs, selected in the targeted sector based on the NACE codes lists, among which 15 to 25 might even start their complete mutation to the composite technology, from the device design to the final disposal of the composites, in accordance with the rules of sustainability.

It is a question of developing the most adequate tools to collect and share technological information (work package 1), and of developing a common program in the field of continuing education (work package 2). A common methodology for technology transfer will be put into place, with the aim of encouraging innovation within the SMBs located in the geographical project area (work package 3). One of the objectives is also to encourage transnational cooperation between small and medium businesses, whilst aiming to improve the competitiveness of these networks on a global scale (work package 4). The approach is transversal. Target priority sectors are the transport industry (aeronautic, automotive, railway…) and related equipment capital, as they are common trends between the regions, which gives a conistency to the project. The 2 sectors include a large number of different activities giving rise to an increasing level of transfer of expertise.

Les partenaires du projet

Leader du projet

  • Centre de recherche public Henri Tudor - Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

Partenaires du projet


  • Coût total du projet : 4 934 590 €
  • Subvention de la Commission européenne (programme INTERREG IVB) : 2 467 295 €

Dates importantes

  • Date de début : 7 octobre 2008
  • Date de fin : 30 juin 2014

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