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List of bibliographic references

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 3.
Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000205 (1997) M M Moretti [Canada] ; C. Emmrys ; N. Grizenko ; R. Holland ; K. Moore ; J. Shamsie ; H. HamiltonThe treatment of conduct disorder: perspectives from across Canada.
000236 (1993) N. Grizenko [Canada] ; D. Papineau ; L. SayeghEffectiveness of a multimodal day treatment program for children with disruptive behavior problems.
000259 (1990) N. Grizenko [Canada] ; L. SayeghEvaluation of the effectiveness of a psychodynamically oriented day treatment program for children with behaviour problems: a pilot study.

List of associated KwdEn.i

Nombre de
3Child Behavior Disorders (therapy)
3Combined Modality Therapy
3Day Care, Medical
2Child Behavior Disorders (diagnosis)
2Child Behavior Disorders (psychology)
2Family Therapy
2Personality Development
1Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity (therapy)
1Child Behavior Disorders (drug therapy)
1Child, Preschool
1Community Mental Health Services
1Depressive Disorder (therapy)
1Education, Special
1Family Therapy (methods)
1Follow-Up Studies
1Internal-External Control
1Interpersonal Relations
1Methylphenidate (therapeutic use)
1Patient Care Team
1Personality Assessment
1Psychiatric Status Rating Scales
1Psychoanalytic Therapy (methods)
1Psychology, Child
1Residential Treatment
1Self Concept
1Social Environment
1Treatment Outcome

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